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Royal Rumble 2020

Darth Krawlie

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So, who you got?


Realistically it'll probably be Roman, but I'm really hoping for McIntyre. I'd also be very good with Owens or Joe, or half a dozen others, but I'm trying to get it into my head that if it's not Roman, it'll be Cain Velasquez, so that I'm not too disappointed when it happens.


NXT surprise entrants I'd like to see are Keith Lee, WALTER, Tommaso Ciampa, or the Velveteen Dream, if he can come back from injury.


As for the women, I'm expecting Shayna Baszler to win.

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I don't think the men's winner will face Brock Lesnar. Brock isn't winning. Unless he disappears after the third entrant and shows up 45inutrs later after we've forgotten about him. If be surprised if he lasts 20 minutes.


If Roman wins then he goes after Brock. Going after there Fiend makes no sense. I know I know it's WWE. Question is will WrestleMania be the Fiend's first loss? His first loss has to be meaningful. Other than Daniel Bryan right now the only other person I could see would be Bray Wyatt. I'm banking on that match happening at some point. I'm so undecided on the men.


The women......... Ronda Rousey!!! Shaina Baszler remaining in NXT crowds the women's division there. As much as her and Rhea Ripley got over before Survivor Series, imagine Rousey returning to challenge Becky. Makes so much more sense and you have heat that doesn't need to be built.

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We had people over and one of my wife's friends could not stop watching. She said "I know this is stupid, but I can't look away. That old guy had a really nice six pack." I told her that was Tomasso Ciampa, he's 34 and younger than you lol.


I was surprised at how many of the NXT women were there not wrestling. You have to figure most of them are fine to be in the Rumble. Why risk flight delays?

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Shit. Last year I called the whole match. Well here we go.


1. Alexa Bliss - 14th out

2. Bianca Belair - 15th out

3. Molly Holly - 3rd out

4. Nikki Cross - 5th out

5. Lana - 1st out

6. Mercedes Martinez - 4th out

7. Liv Morgan - 2nd out

8. Mandy Rose - 6th out

9. Candace Larae - 8th out

10. Sonya Deville -7th out

11. Kairi Sane - 9th out

12. Mia Yim - 11th out

13. Dana Brooke 14th out

14. Tamina - 10th out

15. Dakota Kai -12 the out

16. Chelsea Green - 13th out

17. Charlotte Flair

18. Naomi - 24th out

19. Beth Phoenix - 26th out

20. Toni Storm - 23rd out

21. Kelly Kelly - 17th out

22. Sarah Logan - 16th out

23. Natalya - 25th out

24. Xia Li - 19th out

25. Zelina Vega

26. Shotzi Blackheart 21st out

27. Carmella - 22nd out

28. Teagan Nox - 20th out

29. Santina Marella - 18th out

30. Shaina Baszler


fuck it. Charlotte Flair is the winner

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They say she's been hurt. That's why they kept putting of her matches with Lacey.


Arguably the best Fiend match. Thank God they got rid of the red light. . I just don't know why the Fiend isn't wrestling. Bray Wyatt can wrestle.


Also the women's title match sorta ended like last night's match. Seemed like they cut it short for time.

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