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  1. So…. on strike. Working on a few personal projects. I am planning to shoot a short scifi film. There’s a couple space shots and I was assuming I’d need to do them as cg. I talked to a few friends who do that sort of thing and it’s not cheap. I was on YouTube watching videos to see if I could teach myself— cause that is the sort of thing my ADHD brain does… but 3D software vexes me. Anyway, happened upon a couple videos that showed that oddly, doing it the old school way is actually easier than CG now. With a decent lighting set up, a mini dolly, a green screen, camera and model spaceship you can do what ILM did decades ago with a few clicks in after effects (which I DO know how to use.) So obviously, I needed a spaceship. Off to some kitbashing tutorials, and a great one on “panelizing” by Adam Savage… I decided to convert this old batplane toy my kid nabbed at a garage sale a decade ago k to a chunky armored spaceship. So batplane, plus a lot of cut out pieces of styrene, parts from a macross valkryie armored fighter, a Russian fighter plane missile kit, another anime robot fighter plane, and a Space 1999 Eagle shuttle. Bunch of glue. Spray paint. 34737273 exacto knife blades. Cost me maybe around $30 in supplies.
  2. Well, I’m not bleeding from anywhere and by and large the only people opposed to us striking seems to be billionaires, and weird fanboys of billionaires.
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