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  1. I might be partnering up with a good friend of mine in her real estate business. She got her license right about the time I started working this job last year. We met at the real estate investment company like 10+ years ago. She was the head of our construction department, and one of the only people in the company I could stand to be around. Through the years she's been like a huge savior, throwing us small jobs from her property preservation company and her husband's home reno company. Now she's an agent and doing her own flips on the side. She's doing well enough that she wants some he
  2. Well we finally had a victory today. Q tried out for the older team and it turned out to be a really good fit. The coach is very experienced AND good with kids. He has coached at very high levels and chose to work with this age group because he wanted to work on fundamentals. He loved Q's energy and her skill level. I also noticed her fitness took a dip after she got COVID and in recent weeks it has finally returned. She happily accepted the spot on the team and really liked the other girls, who were also very friendly. At this point they are done at the end of March so the coach said he would
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