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  1. I got my refund last week. I usually try not to get much back, but this year we ended up getting $3,000. I'm putting it in the bank to pay for a destination wedding we want to attend later in the year.
  2. If your mental health isn't served by staying, can you just peace out?
  3. We tried lots of beers this weekend with friends visiting, but I only got tipsy. I prefer to sip a beer while playing board games and I'm never going to win if I'm drunk!
  4. I love morning session beer fest. We always get drunk and play at the hotel pool then order a feast and play board games. It's my second favorite holiday!
  5. So, I'm unclear on why you would Airbnb a sex dungeon. That cannot be sanitary.
  6. Any of you guys ever have a job where you love the work you do and almost everyone you work with, but hate your boss with a burning passion? That was my past year. Then I put in my two weeks notice and skipped around without a care for transitioning my work. Felt good!
  7. Ugh. I'll do them eventually. I usually try not to get much back so I'm not sure I'll notice a difference.
  8. Man, adulting really sucks sometimes. So sorry to hear that things are rough for you and yours, Icy, Cerina, Chalup, and Krawlie.
  9. In Little Women, what is the last name of sisters Jo, Amy, Beth and Meg? (March) In what short film did the character Mickey Mouse first appear? (Steamboat Willie) What is the chemical formula of table salt? (NaCl)
  10. I wake up zero times unless my puppy has a nightmare and wakes up barking. If that happens, I comfort her and we go back to sleep right away. I never get up to use the restroom. I like long stretches of uninterrupted sleep.
  11. I have been solidly an ENTJ every time I have taken it. The last time was 2ish years ago. I haven't changed much at all.
  12. That's a lot of neat stuff! Congrats on your DnD campaign. I have been really enjoying DnD with a group of high school friends for the last ten years or so. Our best friends were a chance meetup from an online group finder. I never thought it would be my "thing" but I do have lots of fun with it.
  13. Sounds like lots of great life events took place in 2018! Congrats to all! My favorite parts of the year were seeing my sister-in-law 3 times this year after over 3 years of not seeing her at all. The best was when we got to go to LA for 10 days and stay at her place. Also, super excited that my brother got engaged this year. I went from 0 sisters growing up to 3 when I got married and now that two of my brothers will be married, I'll have 5!
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