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  1. Hi everyone! Nightly.net popped into my brain today, so I decided to see if the forums were still around. Pleasantly surprised to see a lot of familiar faces (names?). Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. The November update was actually pretty awesome. It fixed a lot of the problems. I'm still playing and I probably will be when it comes out for PS3.
  3. i think it's kinda pervy that you can change your character's bust size, but that didn't stop me from making her boobs bigger
  4. what starting city? Zuki Dubois in Gardania (sp) in Lindblum
  5. Looks great. September can't come fast enough.
  6. Well, I'll be getting it for sure.
  7. I don't know what Angela was but Stanley was wearing a rubber monster mask, so that, according to Phyllis, he could sleep without anyone knowing lol.
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