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Tales of the Empire


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Finally we get a follow up to Bariss' story! We never did see her again after CW season 5. Kinda funny they were going to execute Ahsoka but only imprisoned Bariss.

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I legit thought before clicking on this that the thread was going to be about the paperback collection of those short stories from the Star Wars Adventure Journal. The one that had the Timothy Zahn & Michael A. Stackpole collab in it. The story where Thrawn dressed up as Boba Fett Jodo Kast and teamed up with Corran Horn and Corran Horn’s father. And the one with the story where Mara Jade met Talon Karrde. There were other stories in there, too, can’t quite remember them.

It’s not. It’s about a slightly different (and newer!) kind of thing. A thing that is also, sad to say, my thing. I guess this is going to be yet another of the Star Warses that I watch! Haven’t been watching the new stuff with the Clonetroopers — I think I’ve already made the comment before that the show reminds me of playing with identical little army men and giving them all distinct personalities, uh, in any case, here we go again, that show reminds me of playing with identical little army men and giving them all distinct personalities. I haven’t seen the kids show with the kids in the capes — I think that makes sense, that’s a good little addition, that way all you need to have to play Star Wars as a kid is a stick and a blanket. Or a towel. Haven’t seen the latest season of the Mandamalorian. Haven’t seen the Obi-Wan Kenobi show. Haven’t seen the Cassian Andor show. I don’t think this is my first time going down the line of available new Star Wars television and talking about what I haven’t seen. Seen yet. I’ll probably get to them when I get to them!

What’s my point? I guess my point is that just like last time with Tales of the Jedi (‘22-’22), well, this is the kind of new Star Wars thing that I’ll show up for. Not even going to click the YouTube button and watch the trailer. I’m sold. I’m bought and paid for.

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Sorry. I completely forgot about the existence of the Ahsoka Tano show. Haven’t seen that one yet either. There’s also one with Carrie Ann-Moss and Manny Jacinto and Dafne Keen. Haven’t seen that one too but then again I can’t be blamed for it. To quote Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, “It’s not my fault!” Because it isn’t out yet.

There’s another show coming this year with Jude Law and Tunde Adebimpe and Kerry Condon and Jaleel White!? What a world. What a world.

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May the 4th be with you all!

Good start to the day watching these stories. I think the 1st story with Morgan could have done with being shown before the Ahsoka series to give a bit more interest in her character during that series - missed opportunity there.

The Barriss story was my favourite of the 2. Nice to get to see what happened after her arrest in The Clone Wars series. Left me wanting more at the end!

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I thought this one wasn’t quite as good as the last one. Not as much variety. It’s basically just two (2) stories. Oh well. Excited for the next one! Is there going to be more short animated stuff like this every year and a half from now on? Hope so!




1 - The Path of Fear


My LibreOffice doc crashed and wiped out my notes so I kind of forgot what I thought about this one. I don’t know. I didn’t really think much of it. I liked the bows! Are the bows new? I liked them.


Oh, wait, now I remember. I was surprised that I recognized who this Morgan Elspeth was even though I haven’t, like, seen her live action show. She’s Ray Stevenson’s sidekick, right? Haven’t seen the show. Haven’t seen a trailer. But the knowledge — such as it is! — percolates through nonetheless.


And I guess I thought it was interesting how to these Nightsisters there’s nothing distinguishable between General Grievous and a Jedi.


2 - The Path of Anger


I thought for a moment those were clutch tri-fighters but I guess they’re not. Different design. And I thought Corvus was the name of the star system so obscure that the Empire hides a hidden blaster gun inside the book about it in their libraries.


Wait. Is that who this is? Is she the lady from The Mandamalorian show who looked like Cheri Oteri? I don’t know. Oh yeah! That’s who it is. She’s got the beskar spear! Wait. Are these two characters the same character? I don’t think so.


Is this guy a Noghri? Oh wow. “Rukh”. Yeah. This guy is!


I didn’t know Xander Berkeley did the voice of Pellaeon. I assume that guy has shown up before on the animated shows. I also think I have a vague memory of Rukh popping up on Rebels (‘14-’18), as well.


3 - The Path of Hate


I liked the design of the New Republic ambassador lady. Her, her troops, her ship, her astromech.


4 - Devoted


Who’s this other lady? I know who Barriss Offee is. Of course! But what’s this other lady’s deal? And who are these two goofuses? Were they all in the Clone Wars (‘08-’20) episode where Barriss Offee was revealed as a traitor and people online went into conniptions the way they always do whenever someone from the movies is killed off and/or substantially altered?


I recognize one of the Inquisitors at the end but I can’t recall the other one. I think the look of him is kind of dumb. Looks like a novelty chess piece.


5 - Realization


This was pretty slight. The Jedi at the end is only credited as ‘The Jedi’ and is referred to as ‘they’ by the main characters. I don’t know. First nonbinary Jedi? Could be!


6 - The Way Out


I liked the little animal. I don’t know. Kind of scant. Not much there.




All this talk of serving a vision and prosperity. I don’t know. Something there.

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