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So I may be insane, but I always wanted to do kid-friendly Vegas. I'm too old to go clubbing, and I'm not much for gambling (too chicken). But I do like good food, nice hotels, pools, and shows. We used our timeshare to book a week over spring break, and my BFF is going to meet us with her kids. Got any fun things for us to do other than M&M World, and the resort pool? We are staying at the north end of the strip, and planning on taking the monorail (hotel across the street has a stop).

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OOOOOH do that tank swimming pool where the slide goes through a shark aquarium. It's at the Golden Nugget I think.

The one I love which is for hiking and exploring and seeing lots of plants is Springs Preserve.

Fun Dungeon at Excalibur is full of old arcade games kids can play. It's also home to the worlds biggest PacMan.

The Downtown Container Park has a treehouse that kids can play in and lots of food options.

Not to be outdone but the Golden Nugget there's also the Shark tank tour at Mandalay Bay.

There's a car show that my nephews like to watch that's about building suped up cars and I think they do a tour of their shop but I am blanking on the name of the show right now.

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I think we will definitely have to do one of the shark tank/aquariums. I'll have to see which one is easier to get to.

Do you guys recommend the arcade at Circus Circus or Excalibur? We are next door to CC. My friend said it would be fun to stay there but also loud af, so we opted for something quieter.

I think the plan is one kid friendly thing a day, lots of pool time, and maybe some fun restaurants. Hoping to also get a nice dinner or lunch with my husband, but might need to do that before we go, his birthday is the week before.

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So what did we do? Well we stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations on the Las Vegas Strip. Realistically, it's at the northern edge of the strip next to Circus Circus. The good thing was it was a smoke free hotel. But the food options were pathetic and slow. They did have a surprisingly nice spa that I got to use for a few hours. The pool was good for kids. There was also a Deuce Bus stop right in front of the hotel so that was useful.

Dinners at a Brazilian steakhouse, Noodle Bar (chinese) at Sahara, pizza at Happy Camper, and a few meals at the new Fontainebleau food court since it was across the street. We also did Mexican one night but I can't remember the restaurant.

Cirque du Soleil Mystere at Treasure Island

Easter Brunch at the Wynn La Cave

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

Fun Dungeon arcade at Excalibur (crap prizes)

NY NY arcade - good prizes but not that great of an arcade and the Rollercoaster was down that day because it was raining

Coke Store - my son walked in and said I need some merch! He cracks me up. Got him a Tervis tumbler. The fancy drinks were broken, so it was kind of worthless.

Hershey's Store - not that great, overpriced bulk Hershey's kisses and nothing too unique. The best part is getting a milkshake.

Pool time - E is skinny and got cold easily. It was not that warm of a week.

Adventuredome at Circus Circus. We did this the last day since we had to check out of the hotel at 11 and our flight wasn't until 9. This was probably my kids favorite activity. E is getting braver at riding Circus type rides, Q is a Rollercoaster junky but ate too much crap so she didn't feel that great. The buffet at Circus Circus is cheap but not that impressive (but my kids essentially got a home-cooked meal so that was a good thing). The arcade was also better than Fun Dungeon or NYNY, so it was a win. I pumped $40 into the stupid Minecraft Dungeons arcade game and E walked away happy. We got to watch a juggler and a clown during one of their hourly shows, so that was kind of fun too.

Overall it was a good trip, and everyone had fun.

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