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So, I'm rewatching TNG, and...


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Just wanted to share something I found amusing.

You know how Dr. Crusher is absent from season 2, but returns in season 3, with Dr. Pulaski pretty much being a stand-in for her in her absence?  I don't know what the real-life story behind that was, but here's how I wish the show had handled that.  Now, I have a weird sense of humor, so I'm not sure if any of you will find this particularly funny, but I thought I'd share.  In one of the first episodes featuring Dr. Pulaski (I can't remember which one), she suggests to Troi the possibility of relieving Picard of command because she fears Picard is too emotionally close to whatever was happening.  Troi sayed she didn't think that was necessary because she didn't sense that Picard was emotionally compromised, and the issue was dropped.  I think it would have been funny if the show made that a repeating thing.  Every episode, Pulaski finds a different reason to suggest that Picard should be relieved of command, and her suggestion is always shot down by the rest of the crew.  Each episode plays out without acknowledging the incident again, or how weird it is that this same crew member keeps looking for reasons to relieve Picard of command.  As the season progresses, Pulaski becomes more and more adament in her arguments for relieving Picard of command, and her reasons become more and more ridiculous.   This goes on until she has some kind of breakdown and is relieved of duty.  This is when Crusher returns as ship's doctor, and Pulaski is never mentioned again in the series, leaving the audience to wonder what the hell her problem was.  I think this would have been hilarious.  

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