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I asked Chat GPT to write..


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A synopsis for an oscar winning blockbuster movie starring Leo DiCaprio. This is what it came back with:



Title: "The Chronicles of the Celestial Key"

Synopsis: In a world plagued by environmental catastrophe and technological dominance, humanity teeters on the brink of destruction. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Dr. Alexander Hartman, a brilliant and enigmatic scientist on a mission to uncover the truth behind a powerful ancient artifact known as the "Celestial Key."

The Celestial Key is a mystical object said to hold the power to restore harmony between nature and technology. Legends claim that it can unleash a force capable of saving the world from imminent doom. However, the Key's location and existence have remained hidden for centuries.

When a mysterious organization hell-bent on exploiting the Celestial Key emerges, led by the charismatic and sinister billionaire, Vincent Blackwood (played by a formidable antagonist), the fate of humanity rests on Dr. Hartman's shoulders.

The film takes audiences on a globe-trotting adventure as Dr. Hartman, aided by a brilliant yet quirky team of researchers and explorers, embarks on a perilous quest to find the Celestial Key before it falls into the wrong hands. Their journey leads them from ancient ruins in the dense Amazon rainforest to the icy expanse of the Arctic Circle, all while evading the relentless pursuit of Blackwood's mercenaries.

As the pursuit intensifies, Dr. Hartman must confront personal demons from his past, including a tragic loss that haunts him and fuels his determination to protect the Key's power from being misused.

"The Chronicles of the Celestial Key" is not only a thrilling action-adventure film but also a powerful exploration of the delicate balance between humanity and the natural world. It delves into themes of environmental stewardship, the consequences of unchecked technological advancement, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds.

DiCaprio's masterful portrayal of Dr. Alexander Hartman captivates audiences with a complex blend of intellect, vulnerability, and relentless determination. His performance evokes empathy as he grapples with moral dilemmas and sacrifices, showcasing the depth and range that earned him his first Oscar for Best Actor.

Directed by a visionary filmmaker, the film boasts breathtaking visuals, cutting-edge special effects, and an emotionally charged score that heightens the cinematic experience.

"The Chronicles of the Celestial Key" is an epic tale of heroism, redemption, and the transformative power of one man's quest to protect the planet and its inhabitants from imminent catastrophe. With Leonardo DiCaprio's stellar performance at its heart, the film is destined to become a timeless blockbuster, leaving an indelible mark on both audiences and critics alike.



So Don't look up, meets DaVinci code, meets Indiana Jones. Hrrmmm

I also asked it to write some poems but they sucked 

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And chat GPTs preferred cast:

Preferred Cast List:

Leonardo DiCaprio as Dr. Alexander Hartman - A brilliant and enigmatic scientist on a mission to uncover the truth behind the Celestial Key. DiCaprio's ability to portray complex characters and his emotional depth make him perfect for this role.

Helen Mirren as Professor Evelyn Collins - A seasoned and wise archaeologist and mentor to Dr. Hartman. Helen Mirren's commanding presence and exceptional acting skills would bring depth and authenticity to this character.

Christoph Waltz as Vincent Blackwood - The charismatic and sinister billionaire leading the mysterious organization seeking the Celestial Key. Waltz's talent for portraying enigmatic villains would add depth and intrigue to the antagonist.

Lupita Nyong'o as Dr. Maya Rivera - A brilliant environmental scientist and Dr. Hartman's confidante. Nyong'o's versatility and charisma would breathe life into this empowering and intelligent character.

Tom Holland as Jacob "Jake" Peterson - A tech-savvy and enthusiastic young researcher in Dr. Hartman's team. Tom Holland's youthful energy and charisma would make him a relatable and endearing addition to the cast.

Morgan Freeman as Narrator (Voice) - Morgan Freeman's iconic voice and storytelling abilities would be a perfect match for the film's narrative, providing depth and resonance to the story's themes.

Michelle Yeoh as Madame Wu - A wise and enigmatic guardian of ancient knowledge, guiding Dr. Hartman's journey. Yeoh's grace and wisdom would bring a mystical quality to the character.

Chiwetel Ejiofor as General Benjamin Mitchell - A military leader dedicated to protecting humanity and aiding Dr. Hartman's mission. Ejiofor's commanding presence and emotional depth would make the character memorable.

Awkwafina as Chloe Lee - A talented linguist and codebreaker in Dr. Hartman's team. Awkwafina's comedic timing and relatability would add humor and charm to the film.

Javier Bardem as Father Antonio - A wise and introspective monk who holds ancient knowledge about the Celestial Key. Bardem's gravitas and intensity would add a mysterious and spiritual dimension to the character.

This cast ensemble combines a diverse range of acting talents, ensuring a compelling and emotionally engaging film experience. 

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Jokes. It's crazy how quick it spits this stuff out. It's kind of freaky, but also quite predictable and corny. I feel like to get any serious professional use out of Chat bots like this you have to super specific in your input specifications regarding quality, style, theme etc if you want any kind of creative result that isn't something quite obvious or simple. And the same is true of image generating AIs. If you asked for something vague you get shit back. The better you are at inputting what you want the better the result. I guess that's a given.. 

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6 minutes ago, Zathras said:

The joke is on you.  JJ Abrams is actually AI, not a person.    No one has met him ever.  All pictures and interviews you see of him are actually AI generated.  

That's just crazy enough to be believed. Get a Reddit going, let's give it some traction

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18 hours ago, Odine said:

I asked it to write the first five pages of a script.

FML it's bad. Your job is secure Seth, I checked this AI ting out and it SUCKS at creative writing.

I’ve played with it a bunch and also get comical results. That said, a lot of writing starts as bad ideas, so I’ve used it to help bad ideas get better— but it can’t be trusted to write. Even if it was good it would be because it is plagiarizing.

I’m not calling for its ban, I think it has its uses off-page as a research and development tool. What the WGA is trying to block is it’s output being legal to copyright or register as IP.

the guild promises us minimums on projects. Original work pays significantly more than rewrites. Right now, non-writing producers can take a synopsis like what you posted, and knowing it is trash, still register it with the wga as literary material. Then they can hire a screenwriter to make it better, but because it is their original concept and material on paper, the writer can be paid a third of what they would normally.


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That makes sense how WGA wants to manage it, I didn't realize the financial implications of rewrite vs original ideas.

My own chatGPT story is I used it to help my Girl Scout troop. They wanted to write a skit about mental health and normalizing mental health conditions. So the skit writer wrote a somewhat adequate skit that had a bunch of ugh don't do that, well meaning but not helpful stuff (oh you have depression? I do too! And I do too!). My husband loves playing with chatGPT to see how good it is, so he asked it to write a skit about mental health for grades 3-8 with 5 roles, etc. And what it spit out was honestly what I was looking for in terms of a more realistic scenario. A few tweaks later (make all the characters female, change the setting, etc) and it looked good. Until I really read it. Character #4 arrives out of nowhere, no exposition. Names change, etc. It was kind of humorous. Instead of screwing with it, I sent it back to the girl and said hey can you rewrite with a similar scenario so you aren't marginializing depression etc. She took like the 2 elements we needed and it worked. However, they really didn't practice enough so one of the other 5th grade girls told them later that night that their skit sucked. Bitch. I hate tween girls. 

Anyway, I certainly saw its usefulness for getting a start, but someone is going to need to put in some heavy editing to get something decent. But if ideas count the most, ouch.

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