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Creed 3

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Just got back from this. It was really good. Not as good as the first one, which is about a perfect legacy sequel, but definitely an improvement on Creed 2. Like several of the Rocky movies the manner in which certain characters get put into title fights and things of that nature stretches believability but thats part and parcel of the franchise at this point. Jonathan Majors is great in this movie. Probably the best real villain character of the entire franchise. Not sure if anyone else is planning on seeing this so won't get into anything too spoilery. But ofcourse I can't resist ranking all of the Rocky/Creed movies. Its a tough franchise to rank because you have some "good" movies and some real cheesy ones. Hard to compare movies like that. But here goes:



3-Rocky 4

4-Creed 3

5-Rocky 3

6-Rocky 2

7-Creed 2

8-Rocky Balboa

9-Rocky 5

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Rocky 5 is the worst but does have some good stuff in it, I caught it on cable recently and it was better than I remembered. Rocky 2 is a real slog in the first half of the movie but the 2nd half has some of the greatest moments in Rocky history. I actually think the best moment in any of the movies is when Adrian awakes from her coma and tells Rocky to win and then Mickey is like "What are we waiting for" and the Rocky music starts and goes right into the training montage. Thats magic. 

Jordan directed this one himself and did a great job overall. He does something with how they handle the middle rounds of the climactic fight that is a pretty big departure from anything we've seen in previous Rocky/Creed movies. Im not sure if I really like it or not. I may just prefer the old school montage for the middle rounds.

One thing I thought weird is I don't think Rocky is mentioned by name once. Like I knew he wouldn't be in it but there are parts where mentioning his name would have been natural and they didn't do it on purpose. Like at one point Adonis, now a promoter, is talking about how his dad once gave a shot to a nobody but he doesn't mention Rocky's  name. Was a bit odd. 

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Here are my favorites in order:

1. Rocky 3

2. Rocky 1

3.Rocky 2

4. Creed

5. Creed 2

6. Rocky 4

7. Rocky Balboa

8. Rocky 5


I like all the Rocky universe movies that I have seen.  Still haven't seen Creed 3, but I have a feeling no Rocky, even just a cameo, in it is a deal breaker.   Creeds 1 and 2 were good films, but I still have to rank the first 3 Rocky films higher.

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