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I am getting hair transplants

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I would like some drugs to make this whole thing a very pleasurable experience.

I need an eyebrow transplant and am just starting to shop for a good doctor. I tweezed the bejeeziz out of my brows when I was a teen because that was the fashion. I look perpetually surprised and wish to look normal. I hope they give the good drugs for eyebrows, too.

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5 hours ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

I don't think we've heard much from him since. How's recovery going?

The transplants have turned him evil.



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On 4/10/2022 at 10:39 PM, Hobbes said:

I have mentioned my crippling fear of aging and death here a few times.  Looking in the mirror and seeing signs of aging spin me into panic attacks.  I use morning and night anti-wrinkle face AND eye cream, Rogain, hair dye, and Nioxin hair products.  I have noticed my hair line slowly receding (Rogain doesn't help with that) and it is stressing me out.  I am going on a Disney family cruise in October and I am sure many pictures will be taken causing me additional stress.  I have a consultation later this week.  Has anyone else had any cosmetic surgery?


On 4/10/2022 at 11:25 PM, Tank said:

Having been trading the same 40 pounds up and down for half my life, I’ve thought about getting a lap band as the older I get the harder the “down” part of that cycle gets.


Im I’m the final stages of my 6 month Bariatric program. These last 6 months, I’ve changed my diet and eating habits with my dietitians, have had several tests done including a sleep study which diagnosed me with sleep apnea. That study and the cpap machine I now have has changed my life 10 fold. And today I just finished my cardiology screening, which I passed, and finally greenlights me for my Bariatric surgery. In the beginning I had the option to just go in and get the surgery done, but I felt going through this special program and changing the way I eat and learning new ways to cook and prep, would benefit me more in the long run. Just with doing these changes in my diet these last several months, I’ve lost 32 lbs. I was north of 380 at one point, and now I’m down to 348.


Hobbes, looking good on that hair transplant. Hope you’re feeling better and you see the results you’re looking for!

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I got the FUE procedure.  

I initially was in line for 2000 plugs.  I was upsold to 2100 and I ended up with about 2300.  You are charged full cost ($7) for those 2100 and any plug over that was $4 up to 100 over and any plug over that is free.  With the coupon, the total was about $13,500.

The "fun and pleasurable" drug just made me feel a bit buzzed-but it wore off quickly.  After that shot, they numbed the back of my head (which hurt quite a bit--think about double the pain of a Novocain shot at the dentist).  Probably took like 15 shots that I could feel.  They cut out a piece of my scalp and had a few techs in the room cutting up my scalp into pieces.  Next, the surgeon numbed the front of my head.  This was about 20 shots I could feel and was even more painful.  It hurt so bad, I almost called it off, but realized that was stupid.  The actual surgery didn't hurt at all, but the numbing hurt like a bitch. 

Next, the surgeon was making small little cuts in my forehead (you kind kind of see it in the pictures) which felt and sounded like my skull was made of potato chips and each cut  I could hear and feel each crunch.  The next few hours really sucked as I just sat in the chair while the techs put the hairs in each cut.  I got a break whenever I wanted and they had a TV and I watched Dr. Strange and the Tinder Swindler.  I was hoping to put in my ear buds and just zone out, but you have to pay attention so you don't move your head.  Honestly, that sucked more than the shots.  I was given a bunch of prescription pain killers, but I really didn't need them.  I had to spray my hair every few hours to help with the itching. 

You really can't wash your hair for the first few days (you have to mix the water and shampoo in a cup and gently our it over your head.  This was tough because I had all this blood in my hair I really needed to get out.  After the first week it all started to scab up and was tough not to pick at it because it itched so bad.  At 10 days I had my school nurse take out the stiches--I had over 100.  What was painful is that the skin had already started to heal over the stitches.  You are supposed to wait 7-14 days before removing them.  I am glad I didn't wait the full 14 days. 

Over the next few weeks I will lose the hair they transplanted.  So when school starts I will be even balder then when I started.  It will take a few months before the transplanted follicles grow out.  I probably won't have the end result until the spring.  The one weird side effect no one talks about is that it will take MONTHS before the top of my head is no longer numb.  I can also the surgery again in 18 months.  The transplanted hair is permanent, but people go back to make it thicker.  My surgeon as like 70 and looked like Johnny Bravo. 


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