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NFL 2021 Pick'em season results.

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Just like last season, Ms. Spam has a solid final week and slips into 2nd place.  It looks like I had a 3 peat. I was hoping to pass the torch this season, but some bad luck for some and good for others just made it happen. Thanks everyone for hangin' in there for the entire season!



Week 18 Results

Ms. Spam = 9-7
Gamevet = 8-8
Darth Krawlie = 8-8
Metropolis = 7-9
Jacen123 = 6-10

2021 Season pick results

Gamevet = 180-91
Ms. Spam = 170-101
Metropolis = 169-102
Jacen123 = 163-108
Krawlie = 162-109

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Ties shouldn't happen in football. Overtime should be a full 10 minute quarter. If still tied at the end of that, do another one.

Or just copy the NCAA rules. Let scores go from 21-21 at the end of regulation to a final score of 56-55. Who cares. It'd be fun.

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