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7 hours ago, Tank said:

I know, and it was weird because the Tattooine scenes were not.

Yeah, I always thought that. It would have given that scene before take off a nice twist with them both getting there by very different means, and of course it would have given his death more impact.

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3 hours ago, CoLA said:

How does one manage to have such a cool name like Biggs Darklighter with a killer stache and get shafted so badly?

It was the 70s. Lots of shafting going on then, before HIV changed things.

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I waited for the trade on this one. Except ... there is no trade!?!?!? Can’t buy it on DVD. Can’t buy it on Blu-Ray. Disney doesn’t want anyone to buy any of its Star Wars no more. They spent four billion dollars for Star Wars and have no desire whatsoever to earn any of that back through the home media market. Disney just wants you to pay them a little walking around money every month so they can pipe Star Wars into your home 24/7. Seems like they’re leaving cash on the table maybe? Probably a good idea for someone out there like The Asylum to put out “Star’s Book of War Feats” and “The Patagonian & Baby Yoga” so confused grandmothers rushing towards big-box store checkout lines can plunk down ten bucks and get their grandkids a nice little gift.


Watched it over Passover. Didn’t really leave much of a lasting impression on me, I guess. No real memories. No real opinions. I think that’s got to be due to a point raised in one of those Behind The Scenes books (I’m not talking about the ones that tell you how many B1-series battle droids fit inside those elephant-looking thingies; not the Visual Dictionaries, these are the The Art Of books, the Phil Szostaks, the account they offer of the production of these things is probably just as much a contrivance as the “Valorum decicreds are worth the same amount of Muunilunst fiat currency as Palpatine coinage” stuff but they’re still fun to look at and there’s the occasional tidbit of behind-the-scenes info that feels vaguely close to some kind of reality) about how these TV shows have less time and less money to make more hours of footage than the movies. I mean, I’m blaming them for being unimpressive but maybe it’s on me for being unimpressed??? Maybe if I’d watched this stuff week to week like everybody else it’d have stayed inside my skull longer. Maybe it’d have hit me deeper. No way to know for sure now one way or the other, I suppose!


Anyway, the Obi-Wan show is coming up soon so I figured I’ve got to now share what floated through my brain at the time or forever hold my peace. The fact that the spoiler tag seems to have returned to easy functionality (it was gone for a while after the big UBB update!?!?!?) makes it feel more reasonable to dump this out.



okay, so it makes sense for that to be a stormtrooper in the sarlaac’s belly (rather than, say, any among the various action figures presumably tossed in during the events of RotJ) because of the interrelationship between the two concepts. also, the breathing tube in both the dreaming memory and the dreaming self, of course.


the shots from Boba’s wavering POV as he’s being dragged on his feet behind the Tusken Raiders are obviously not a complete and total step outside the movies’ cinematic language (it’s happened before! in TPM! arguably, if you count the mediated gaze through the binoculars, all the way since the v. beginning!) but it still always feels to me like someone somewhere is colouring outside the lines


hah hah! that’s David Pasquesi (Andrew from Veep, he’s the psychiatrist in Groundhog Day, the editor in Boss, was on Lodge 49) as the Twi’lek! On the one hand, great, on the other hand — sometimes this makes it all feel like an MTV Movie Awards skit.


is that Matt Berry? Omigosh, was this before or after Toast of Tinseltown!?!?


Boba Fett asking for Ming-Na Wen to take these parkour-ing rejects from a McQuarrie concept art sketch alive immediately after he blasts one of them to smithereens is an odd moment


there’s obviously something there in the subtext of what this episode is about about but I can’t be bothered cogitating it out of my poor dumb brain


[the helmet dialogue as a worthy successor to a long established tradition of filthy SW one-liners]



oh hey it is that guy from the comics. and, y’know, re: Aayla Secura, etc.


love the little train driving droid with the multiple hands! respect how rather than following Boba’s instructions he just peaced outta there! hopes he scuttles off somewhere new and we see him again!


in general, I feel so far that the strand of narrative about Boba Fett having fun desert adventures with Sand People is more enjoyable to watch than him gallivanting about Mos Espa as a wannabe crimelord


wait, if the credits are to believed were those Luke’s friends from scenes cut from ANH!? Camie and Fixer? Wait, was that supposed to be Anchorhead? Was that Tosche Station!?!? I thought that bar was just the Tatooine equivalent of a gas station truckstop but it seems like maybe it was meant to be a larger place.


Daniel Logan credited as ‘Young Boba Fett’ despite no longer himself being young! Fair enough!


oh boy Stephen Root!!!11!!!


the monster outside Jabba’s Palace eating up a creature that had ITSELF just eaten something up, then burping! gotta give it up for the classics!


Danny Trejo!!!


the little furry creature that one of the Hutts is always using to wipe away his sweat!


“Rancor are emotionally complex creatures.” Wait, the plural of rancor is rancor!? Neat!


rancor pov shot


the mouse droids scrambling out of their way during the speeder chase


I do not care for the music during this action sequence! no sir! not one bit! nor for how the shot was edited of her on her speederbike screeching to a halt! (Wait, was that the Akira slide?)


hey, though, boba did use his jetpack! doesn’t use the jetpack enough! gotta make more use of the jetpack!


So, like, the whole thing with the end credits scene where he found Ming-Na Wen way back when was that he was identifiable to the audience by his trademark Boba Fett cowboy style spurs. But by this point we’ve established that he doesn’t actually have them. Timothy Olyphant has them! Kind of respect them just throwing their hands up and going with “Well, that’s not the way it was.” once they’ve decided to revisit this material.


don’t really care for the (diegetic?) music during the body-modification scene. Wait, is the reason that Tatooine youth are so into cyborgifying themselves is that there was murmured news of what the fate of Luke (and his father before him!) was and it’s sort of filtered down the chain back to them and they’re all like, “Wow! Cutting off your limbs is cool! We should all be cool like the only cool people to ever get off this dustball! We gotta cut ourselves up!”. Is that what happened? Maybe. Could’ve been worse. They could all be following the path of local legend Biggs Darklighter instead and tragically dying hah hah, wait, I just checked the wiki and Biggs was killed by Vader. in my memory it’s always just a random TIE Fighter pilot but it was Vader himself! No wonder Luke wants to go and fight this guy so bad! “Dear Abby, some guy killed my father and then he got my aunt and uncle killed and then he killed my karate instructor and then he killed my best friend and now he’s torturing my remaining friends. I want to go beat him up but this swamp creature says I shouldn’t because I’m not yet strong enough. I can literally lift up rocks with my mind powers and also perform kickass flips while the aforementioned swamp creature is strapped to my back. So, what do?”


lol it takes until now for them to deal with his spaceship. wait, how does he know where it is!? they’ve had hours upon hours to establish this! there are repeated scenes where people say things we’ve already heard before, over and over, but THIS they decide to let slide!


Ming-Na Wen’s little spy device


the kitchen droids in Jabba’s palace. both the choppy one and the repurposed torturer. and the little froggy thing it hit back into the soup!


the ratcatcher droid (also a repurposed design from one of the animated shows, right?) which kills itself rather than continue to face Boba Fett! [I remember there being some discourse around the time of TLJ over the topic of suicide in the GFFA. I feel like it’s been in there from the start, baked into the beginning from the moment Ben Kenobi let Vader strike him down, and that it’s a narratively convenient method of dispensing with the plot as necessity demands in a fantasy-fiction context where life and death don’t have quite the gravity they would in other makebelieve circumstances. but I kind of get why people don’t like it, I suppose it’s on the opposite side of a line, for me that line is drawn just behind the spousal abuse but for those people the line is somewhere else.]


dropping in a Gonk droid there on the big reveal of Slave I; that’s proper SW for you, not letting the emotional impact detract from the need to have something recognizable or neat-o going on elsewhere too. fill the screen! [wait, the Gonk droid has four legs!? and it’s actually part of the plot!? Ming-Na Wen shoots it to help take out some of the guards!]


love to hear that twang!


Relax. The mods are combing the streets of Mos Espa.” Okay, I just got that! Hah!


“Powers hates a vacuum.” Did they ... did they think they’d lose the audience with the word ‘abhors’!?


tearing off that arm! gotta love the classics!


We make many credits from the sale of spice in our territories.” “But, Black Dynamite, I sell drugs to the community!”


oh boy, the ratcatcher lives!


“They may be stubborn but they are not foolish enough to see that the Pykes would eventually take over the whole planet.” Come on! Boba! Daimyo! Buddy! Think before you speak!




They are not foolish enough to see that the Pykes would eventually take over the whole planet.” Okay, is it me!? This should be “They are not foolish enough to NOT see that the Pykes would eventually take over the whole planet”, right!?!? Boba Fett means to say that these local crimelords right here are fools, yeah, but their foolishness their medifoolians there’s not enough foolishness in them for them to be totally oblivious to what’s happening!?!? Going to need to call in a grammar expert! Going to need to call in Mr. T!


love these pugdog aliens with their little hats and SW-y butchers’ overralls!


love the music in the club! [wait, was that a one-r!? yeah, I went back and checked. It was!]


Then he will be executed for his crimes by the New Republic tribunal.” Wait, the good guys have the death penalty!?!?!?!? Well, if so, then that doesn’t seem all that different from Darth Vader killing every Imperial uniform functionary who fails him. Is there a substantial difference between the legal finding of fact and the insight gained from the power of the Force!? One’s just quicker!


Poor Mandamamalorian! Can’t go to the mikveh!


his gift for Bébé Yoda being tied in a peckeleh shape reminiscient of the outline of his face & ears


is that little droid the droid from the video game where you’re Archie!? the one where you’re Jedi Archie!? I think the droid was called BD1?


Amy Sedaris drops the h-word twice


the little dragon rooster! shouldn’t it crow twice for the twin sunrises!? or, wait, is this one of those things like there not being two shadows!?!?




The Mandamalorian calling R2 (a droid!) “friend”. You love to see it! We can all change!


these oddball ant droids assembling a stone temple/shelter. Neat!


the little cyclops frog the Bébé Yoda is about to eat before the CGI Luke abomination makes him let the poor thing live, [and then tortures a whole flock of frogs with a wave of his mechanical hand!]


opening up the episode with a scene where we get the comfort of a familiar place and a familiar face [Tatooine and Timothy Olyphant!] only to have that sense of comfort besmirched by the unheimlich sight of Luke Skywalker, CGI Abomination is one way to go with it, sure


okay, I didn’t notice the little green visor on the droid from the Disney ride up until now. Cute!


wait, Yoda lost his lightsaber in the big fight with Ian McDiarmid at the end of RotS!? And that’s a short tiny saber, too, for instance. Guess it’s probably one of the many training sabers that he was seen teaching the kids with in AotC.


so, uh, was Mark Hamill involved at all aside from credit!? seems like he wasn’t! I don’t really have more than half an eye on the Twitterverse, the Twittersphere, but it seems like he was goofing off more about this for his big surprise reveal in The Mandamalorian season finale whereas now it’s just a little teensy tinsy piece of maaaaybe passive aggressive goofing off. Is it outside of his control, kind of, and he’s just going with the flow, not rocking the boat, is it a mutually agreed decision that serves both parties for a supercorporation to use computers to imitate the work he did as a young man forever and ever to its own ends!? [I mean, not that he’d even necessarily want to be on set for this or whatever. covid! covid!]




Amy Sedaris saying “Grogu!? That’s a terrible name. No way am I calling you that.”


Cad Bane calling it a “speed bike gang” instead of a “swoop gang”. Awful!

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