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YAY!  Those look great. We had a lot of calaveras skulls for Day of the Dead and Coco's and then the usual Spiderman and Princesses. One guy at my sisters dialysis dressed up as a wearwolf! They also gave her a halloween themed mask. 

We made an ofrenda to remember my Nan and Mom. There was whisky in that glass for my Nan and the cats spilled the wine glass full of box wine we did for our Mom.



I also did up my front door step to the condo. The front gate was done up like a mummy and I had cardboard tubes with eyes cut out and glow sticks in them spread around. I stalked the hardware store until they put that pumpkin stand on sale 75% off last year. So excited to use that. I also had a balloon I put a glow stick in and put cheese clothe all over it so it would float in my tree and look spooky when it got dark. We only had three tricker treaters.


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