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Movies you were right about

The Choc

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Here is what I mean: A movie that when it came out was hugely well recieved, liked and popular but that you personally just didn't like. And now years later the general consensus is more in line with your original thoughts. Or vice versa a movie you really did like that wasn't popular at release that has gone on to be very popular over time. Ofcourse we can do the opposite and says movies you were wrong about too. I'll start with a movie I feel I was right about:

King Kong (2005)

I was a really big fan of the LOTR movies so Jackson making King Kong had me pretty darn excited. I went opening weekend and was ready to be blown away. Just didn't happen. The movie wasn';t bad really. It was obviously made with great craft and care. It was just boring and stretched out, the 2005 version is 88 minutes longer than the original. The critics were in love with it and even on this site I got alot of crap for not being completely in love with it. I tried to find it in the archives so I could quote some of the overwhelming positive reaction but I couldn't find it. 

Now though, does this movie even exist? I mean its never on cable. It's just a forgotten thing. Maybe some of it is the length as it pertains to being shown on cable. But really has anyone mentioned this movie in a decade? Does it play anywhere? 

So yeah I think thats one I was right about in retrospect. I bring it up just cause I though it'd be a fun thread not so I could "brag" about being right. Plus someone could disagree and say that 2005 King Kong is an all time great movie and Im still missing the boat.

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LOL, I actually found the thread about the movie. Your first post is "I thought this was the worst movie I've seen in years, if not ever."

Some thoughts from others include 

"This is why motion pictures are made"

You had a few people saying that the appeal of this movie was the widest appeal of any movie possible and it would surpass Titanic at the box office.

Although I have to admit the reaction to the movie on this board wasn't as positive as I remember it being. Maybe it was just one or two people I was arguing with who felt SO strongly about it that made me think the overall reaction was more positive than it was. 

One funny thing though is that although the movie wasn';t a flop it definitely fell short of expectations. There were a group of hard core people pushing for the movie. I think alot of PT haters who wanted it to make more money that ROTS in some cases and every day that middling box office numbers came in to see the reactions "oh kids aren't off school" "this movies appeal is to general audiences who won't rush to see it, itll have huge legs". 

Really though I think my whole premise with the post is wrong though. My memory was fuzzy I guess and the reaction here at least was much more middling than I remember. As I said I guess the one or two very positive people warped my memory. So really I wouldnt say "I was right" going against the general consensus and in some ways I kinda agreed with the general consensus. LOL

I do think critics were amazingly kind to the movie though, so thats probably what Im remembering. 

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