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The Relationship Thread


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  • 2 months later...

Cerina's dude from the past post made me realize I haven't updated this in forever... so here's an update from my crotch since you're all very interested I'm sure.

KP is still my person. If you know me on FB it's become pretty obvious who she is. As I mentioned in the kid thread, we've been talking about moving in. Her lease is up in Feb., mine in March, so we'll likely do it then, which will also already be our two year mark. She continues to be the best. Obviously, if we live together that makes it harder to date others-- but we figure we'll be saving so much money on rent that we'll be able to easily afford hotel rooms for date nights. She's actually slowed down a bit and really only sees her secondary guy, who I mentioned before, once a month or so. She says it's a combination of stress and getting older, but I also think she's having a tiny bit of an identity crisis because she defined herself as a unicorn for so long and I went and stole her horn. We have dates with other couples, women, and hit the occasional special sexy party, so she's not retired or anything. My only problem with her is that she likes purple too much and if she moves in with me there's going to be so much purple junk in the place...

Valley Mom has moved into my number two person, see her pretty regularly. We've got our groove and it's very nice. We've become pretty good friends so it's just the right amount of closeness. She and her husband are splitting up (nothing to do with me) and she's said she wants to make sure she doesn't accidentally putting too much on me. She has a couple other people she's seeing, so she says she's watching for it.

JP is a comet I see once every few months.

Curly and Red2 were one offs-- but we're still friends on instagram in case the mood strikes.

Blue still a cuddle bud, but she had a BF for a minute and of course he didn't get it so we cooled it for awhile.

Metal, still never reconnected and I still feel a little bad about it. But she has';t reached out either, so...

The new younger date went well, and I've seen her a few times. Fun, but it probably has a time line. I went to her place last time, and as much as I hate to admit it, the place was so gross and trashed and she has no taste and uses overhead lighting and it was a super turn off. I'm old and bougie.




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1 hour ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

Wait I thought ladies' junk was pink. She should have that checked.

It really depends on ethnicity. I’ve seen purple… also ruining the joke.

Purple is an accent color, you don’t make it the focal point with furniture or decor.

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