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Didn’t get abducted or eaten or murdered. Totally worth it. This place has a 360 view of the LA basin.

I have never gone to a High School Reunion, in part because there is no possibility of meeting the cast of Romy & Michelle, but really because ugh. I have bumped into people from High School howev

Oh shit! That was a Jacen level comment.

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I’m most definitely in love with this girl. And while normally I’d be worried I was being blinded by having great sex, the fact I don’t feel this way about the other ladies I am having great sex with has me worried a lot less.

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So I went back and checked, today is officially 3 months since the first time KP and talked. It has DEFINITELY moved very quickly. I knew I was having feelings for her by the 3rd date-ish. I can't even say what it is specifically. It was just a feeling. She told me the other night that she felt something on our second date, but ascribed it to post-covid giddiness that she was being touched. But by the third date it wasn't chilling out.

She straight up told me she loved me the other night, and that it is against every rule she has, and she had wanted to hold it in for a few months. I'm in the same boat as her.

I guess it's a combination of having the exact same boundaries as me? She doesn't care if I go an hook up with one of my ladyfriends I have weird boundaries with, she's super hot with a bombshell body, she likes horror movies, I always seem to be saying the right things to her out of reflex, the sex is unreal... but more than anything else... she really sees me.

And by that I mean, I don't know if I have ever been this free to be uncensored. There's a level of comfort, contentment, and safety that comes with that. 

Em, while great, came with a lot of pitfalls and emotional traps. She was somebody who had very big emotions about a lot of things and was just never happy. And as supportive as I am, after that long it was more work than reward. There was never much time for my shit.

Being seen is probably the most important thing to me in a relationship... that and her having big cans. 

So finding somebody who was really on the same page as me with most things, combined with her genuinely listening and making me feel free to share every bit of myself, has just made for a really fast, and honest, real connection.

Since we're not going to be monogamous or try to move in with each other, nothing is really changing. We're just admitting how we feel more freely and not worried about looking like crazy people.

In other news, Dinosaur Girl is... fun? Likable? Cute? She lives far away so we only meet on on occasion, which is fine. Metal-- still haven't talked with her, but she's still really impossible to track a mood off of. She's not really reaching out to me either, so I think it's fine where it is.

Blue continues to be great. She's dropped little flirty hints, as I mentioned before, that she may want to escalate, but I'll leave that to her.

I have a date next week with a new person, we'll see how that goes. To be honest though, I have just booked some work, and now that I can travel again I will be seeing some of my out of town friends with whom I sometimes sleep. I don't know if I'll be actively searching for new dates for a bit. Kelly is definitely taking up most of my free time. Add in work and occasionally seeing Dinosaur Girl and Blue... I may be at capacity. Plus now that things are opening up KP will be taking me to some of her... let's say "events."

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2 hours ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

Anything she would feel comfortable with you sharing is fair game.

Well that's kinda the thing... I started this thinking I was off to have a bunch of rando dating antics, I didn't exactly expect to actually find my person.

And she is clearly somebody who has a life beyond me and I am feeling a bit guilty about speaking out of turn. Also, to be honest, a lot of what happens and is said between us special and just for us.

That said THERE ARE ANTICS. We're going to a resort in a couple weeks that... uh... let's say "caters to a particular lifestyle." 

What I will say about myself though, a lot of my boundaries, notions, and ideas of how things should be are being pushed-- in a good way. I'm finding that I am getting over insecurities and petty feelings that have been present in most all my past relationships. Whether this turns long term or not (feels like it is likely) I am really learning a lot.

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4 hours ago, Darth Krawlie said:

Not a chance in hell I’m clicking play on that video. The thumbnail alone is horrifying enough.

Going straight for the full thing on Netflix? 

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Do you ever watch a show like COPS and wonder, how are so many people missing so many teeth?   I dated a woman that was physically WAY out of my league, but she was heavy into drinking every night and was straight up psycho.  I was introduced to a lifestyle that would have lead to my teeth falling out.  I knew I had to get out of that relationship or else I would end up on COPS.  It was simultaneously the best and worst few months of my life.

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