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Carriage returns / line spacing / quoting


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So it's taken me all this time on the new system to realize that if you hit return right after the last character in a paragraph you'll get a standard paragraph line space. If you hit an extra space after the end of a sentence then hit return you get a pointless double spaced gap between paragraphs.

That said, when copying and pasting (like say when you want to adjust your MCU rankings without retyping the whole thing, sometimes that extra space gets backed in and even copying out the text and throwing it into a word processor doesn't seem to get rid of it... and if you copy and paste elsewhere to convert it to plain text, then it comes back without any breaks at all. 

I had to past into a word processor, show invisible characters, and manually highlight and remove the paragraph breaks nightly was baking in. That seems crazy to me. Why is that double space nonsese even there?

Related to this, if you want to quote somebody and break their post up into multi-quotes this spacing issue turns everything into a mess. 

Tangent to THAT, I miss the switch to edit in plan text mode as much as I miss the buttons for pics, hypertext, and videos. They're just gone now. WHY THEY DO THAT?

None of this really is a big deal, just venting...

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