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WrestleMania 37


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So that's what it looks like so far. I'm still deciding whether to go. My wife didn't really want to go, and my son in law is in the hospital having a lecture l procedure done today. If the wife doesn't care of i go alone, the prices are dropping quickly on StubHub and I could get a decent non obstructed view seat. 

As much as i like Drew McIntyre, i think the Almighty Era needs to go till SummerSlam.

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I wish i was there so i could have gone nuts for Belair. O could be eating, but i believe she's has a higher ceiling than Ripley. Since Ripley week probably best Asuka tomorrow we're going to find out.

Guys give Bad Bunny credit for training hard for this match. He didn't look too out of place, and he sold really well. Maybe it's because i hate three move, but i wouldn't have had him do the destroyer. 

On a side, a friend text me joking that he was going to start a that's not a pirate ship these on Twitter. He's not lying. That was not a pirate ship they built lol. 

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Yeah, the ship looks like Noah's ark.

I'm legitimately surprised they let Rhea win, I like her but it just seems counterproductive character development-wise. Like, what's the point? WWE really seems to love the unstoppable hulk characters right now. Do they think that fans don't notice (maybe they don't?) the weird discrepancy between Rhea getting pile-driven through the stage by Gonazalez on her last night in NXT and then immediately popping up a few months later as RAW champion? Um, just throw Gonzalez at her on the next RAW and give her the belt???

I also hate when I'm proven right. I knew there was less than zero of chance of Roman Reigns losing this match... and he didn't... because WWE knows there's nothing interesting to do with his character if he's not a lurking champion heel. They're just gonna keep proppin' up Roman 'til kingdom come, I guess.
And I know it's a wrestling trope: but (like with the triple threat match and Crews/Big E) I've just started saying "shoulda brought a friend!" to this constant heel-lackey interference. Like, I know Jay Uso made a truly miraculous recovery in that match, but does Edge have amnesia? Does he not remember just a couple weeks ago strategizing about Jey's interference? Is he not allowed to farm out a security team from some backstage jobbers? At this point it just kind of makes the heroes look like dolts.

All in all, a lot of entertaining moments! It was nice to see everyone spring to life in front of an audience again. Night one was probably better: with higher highs. But I think tonight was a little more consistent, overall. Bad week for my Japanese ladies though.

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After watching the main event i think that than winning was not only the right decision, but the finish was excellent. I mean how insufferable will Roman be on Friday? It's not over between him and Edge. They will get their one on one. 

The low light of both nights had to be the women's tag matches. The first night was just a jumbled mess. The second night was doomed to fail because Natty amd Tamina weren't going to drag Jax across the finish line. 

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15 hours ago, Metropolis said:

Not really getting the point of the Fiend-Randy Orton match. Started off pretty cool and your end with that?

That was odd and anticlimactic. So, Alexa Bliss is MORE evil now... neat.

12 hours ago, Metropolis said:

he second night was doomed to fail because Natty amd Tamina weren't going to drag Jax across the finish line. 

that and the fact that Jax and Baesler wrestle basically every week and WWE isn't going to let them lose to a duo who doesn't.

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10 hours ago, Darth Krawlie said:

9 of the 14 matches at WrestleMania were won by heels. That just can't be a smart decision. Nonsensical booking like this is why I stick to NXT. I don't know why I expected something different.

A couple of years ago JR was talking on his podcast about how WrestleMania was booked. He says that they had the main event and outcomes on paper after SummerSlam. He said injury and creative differences might change s thing or two, but they never deviated. JR talked about how now things change on the fly because of Vince's impatience and the highjacking of the narrative by the crowd. He said Vince might have half of Mania planned now only after the Royal Rumble. It shows. The only stories that played long term was Edge-Reigns and Orton-Fiend(like it or not). 

JR also said that WrestleMania was their end of the season. A big title change at Mania was meant to "start the season anew" which is why you had the top babyface usually in too with a whole new set of threats ahead of them. With the way things play out now that's mostly out the door. Lashley-Mcintyre is a great example of that. Drew was meant to get his "WrestleMania Moment" back from last year. The problem was that Lashley's build was so good that taking that belt off of him would have buried him like two years ago against Finn Balor. 

As for the heel thing it does stick out. The question is was it the right call?

- Randy Orton. Continues the story, but you have to be asking why at this point

-Rhea Ripley. Lets be honest, Charlotte was probably going to win if she was in it. Though the original plan was for Lacey Evans to win the title and have Charlotte beat her at Mania.

- Jax/Bayzler. I've said all i want to abiut them

-Sheamus. I actually think this was the right call for a long term story

-Lashley. He had to keep the title. Drew can come back around to him maybe at SummerSlam.

-Apollo. This one I hated. It made sense story wise. That is until they got the Raw Underground dude involved. I hated E had to lose in his home city, WHILE wearing gear that supported a food bank.

-Reigns. This was the right call. Not only did you have him pin both guys like he said he would, you really want the belt off of him and if they do it right it will be a huge moment.... Just not at WrestleMania.

-AJ/Omos. Well at least Styles is now a grand slam champion. Hell make it work for at long as it lasts.

No feel good stories. No KofiMania for sure. 

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This is the first time I watched WM without knowing any of the matches let alone any of the storylines (with the exception of RR v Edge and even then I had not idea about DB being in the match). 

Knowing that--I thought it was a pretty good PPV.  What the PPV missed, as Met said, was a high feel good spot---Kofimania.  There wasn't a super emotional match or spot.  Say what you want about Cena, but at least his matches felt like an event.  I definitely think the wrestling is better top to bottom than it ever was in the past, but there is a real lack of people taking an emotional investment in wrestlers or the current product.  I think Kofi could have been the guy...he should have fueded and gotten a W over Lesnar (even by DQ from New Day) and have Heyman start a stable to compete against New Day.  I dunno...I might just be old. 


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