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This morning Trevor picked Noah up from the campout. Noah's scoutmaster had already left, and the two adults who volunteered to stay behind to wait for Noah to be picked up were Trevor's good friend (who also happens to be the only adult on the campout who knows what all has been going on and is firmly on our "side") and this crazy bitch who apparently feels threatened by Trevor. 

The only reason we know that this bitch has told people that she's been threatened is because Noah's scoutmaster (yes, the one who rejected the trans kid) told another friend of ours. 

So why, if she actually feels threatened did she volunteer to stay for Noah if there's a 50/50 chance that Trevor would be the one to pick him up!? (Higher if you consider how early it was on Mother's Day.) And why, if Noah's scoutmaster thinks that Trevor had threatened another woman would she NOT volunteer to stay (which you would think would be her responsibility as the leader anyway) or at the very least not ask someone else to stay!? 

This all reeks of the shittiest of bullshit. 

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I've been trying to respond to this all morning and I'm frustrated as shit. So if Nightly can stop rejecting my post, I'll post my reply.

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