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"Omen": Book 2 in the Fate of the Jedi series

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chapter 25:

Above Kesh, Vestara marvels at how quickly they’ve produced a fleet of a dozen ships.  In the Council Chambers that used to intimidate her, she listens as Lord Vol tells the assembled how Ship has revealed the existence of the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

Lady Rhea continues by explaining how they can cut off the head of any opposition to them by eliminating Skywalker.  They are able to track him through the Force.  A single strike team will be sent to get rid of him.  

Ahri’s Master, Yuvar Xal, protests that Skywalker cannot possible be alone without back-up.  Rhea advises that the sense of isolation she gets from Skywalker through the Force says otherwise.  Nevertheless, they can call for reinforcements if that’s not the case.  

Suddenly, a surge of dark side energy fills the room.  Vestara suddenly senses joy from Ship as it takes off to follow the energy to its source.  Vol decides that the primary mission is first to recover Ship.  The strike force must compel it to return.

Allana finally opens up to Han and Leia.  She is unhappy that some of the animals had to be killed to prevent them from hurting people.  The nexu cubs don’t have a mother anymore because of it. She thinks they should take one to make up for it.

Leia thinks they should at least try to find homes for the cubs.

Tahiri watches the awkward interview the Jedi are forced to have with Javis Tyrr.  She knows what Jaina must be feeling, while, at the same time is glad she has kept herself out of the Jedi Order.  

Seff Hellin’s accusations about her being a slave to her emotions hurt because she knows they were right.  She is still trying to figure thing out.  Since Jaina trusted her with the conspiracy, there could be a way back.

The door chimes.  Three GA officers are at the door to arrest her for obstruction of justice, complicity in the murder of Gilad Pellaeon and treason.


End of Book 2


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