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Rewatching Caprica


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11 hours ago, Dark Wader said:

I’m giving you 4 episodes before you give up on it...

I just really couldn’t into this one. It didn’t really have anything that made BSG special and none of the characters were particularly likeable. 

Well, I made it all the way through, but I remembered the problems I had with the show, right around episode 6. 

8 hours ago, Jacen123 said:

I kept waiting for them to reveal that BSG was all inside the virtual world.

I remember thinking that very thing in first run!


Anyway, so my reaction.

So I binged both 1.0 and 1.5.  Essentially, it started off well, but devolved into a hot mess of too many, and sometimes competing story lines.

The Good:

1.  I wish the cylons in BSG used more practical effects for the machine cylons.  The U87 was a great design, and looked like something in the real world.  My biggest (perhaps the only significant) complaint about BSG was that the machine cylon CGI scenes have not aged well.  The design looked good, but they look too cartoony.  I always felt the original BSG cylons, which were just guys in costumes, looked superior.  Caprica's close ups using practical effects for the U-87 looked so much more realistic to me.

2. I liked the performances of Eric Stoltz and Esai Morales.  Both actors were intense and likeable.  Daniel Grayston in particular played a good semi villain at times, when he was essentially torturing Zoe.

3. The last 15 minutes of the last episode was obviously tying up loose ends, and where they wanted to take the show over season 2+ compressed into the last few scenes of the episode.  Had the show been more like that, it would have felt more connected to BSG.


The Bad:

1. while I initially liked the V-world as a set up to show Caprica as a decadent, amoral society,  starting especially in late season 1 thru all of 1.5, it was way to Matrix-y. So much so, it was derivative.  More than that, it was completely unnecessary.

2. Amanda Graystone started off as a good character, but season 1.5 with the secret agent BS was just lame.

3. I hated the "avenging angels" storyline. Too much emphasis on Zoe and Tamara.  It completely lost me when they went full on Neo and started reformatting the entire v-world.

4. I was disappointed that there was not much of anything with Joe Adama as a lawyer.  We are told he is a lawyer, but the show essentially depicted him as a legit man getting sucked into the Tauron mob world.  I wonder how much better if he spent most of his time in the court room.  Would it not have been better if he was fighting for cylon rights in the court room, much like the Star Trek TNG episode, Measure of a Man, but lost?  That could have set up the loss of rights for cylond where people felt it was legal and morally acceptable to abuse the cylon race, which led to the rebellion

5. There was too much tauron mob.  It felt like a poor man's version of Godfather.

6. while I liked the idea of monotheists, I just could not get on board with the Clarice character. 


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I never finished watching the show, but my biggest complaint the whole time was Clarice.  I hated her character so much and not the way we were supposed to.  I agree entirely that it started off great.  That pilot movie (or miniseries?) really got me excited for the show, but it never lived up to the promise of it.

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Blood and Chrome was actually decent.  Not perfect, but kept my attention. I had never seen it before.  Good bridge between Caprica and BSG, and honestly, Caprica needed more of that.  The only thing that could have been better is if they had got the actor who played young Adama in Razor.  That guy looked so much like Edward Olmos, it was scary.  

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