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A statement on recent events

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I have an adult / late ASC/D diagnosis. I am 46, but got the diagnosis 11 years ago this spring. Every diagnosis is different in terms of difficulty with various things, so I have bad executive d

I agree with you to a large degree, but one of the problems we’ve had with Zerimar is that he constantly claims he’s accepting advice and changing, but then behaves in increasingly hostile ways toward

Lando was designed for that sort of shit. It was perfect for its time, pre-4chan edgy humor and pushing how far you could go on the internet. Then we all sort of grew up--not just on Nightly, but the

14 minutes ago, Zathras said:

Daaaaad, er I mean Foooozzzzzzieee, Krawlie and Jedigoat are being mean about my mom again!

I’m gonna tell you the same thing I tell my son: punch them in the dick.

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