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How will Marvel introduce mutants?


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8 hours ago, Jedigoat said:

To match things up properly with being a Holocaust survivor, the update should be that Magneto is a far right wing conspiracy believer who's been wrongfully persecuted for his opinions. 


8 hours ago, Darth Krawlie said:

they're basically the same thing

Only right-wingers have it even worse. They might get banned from Twitter for calling for murder and violent civil war!

3 hours ago, Zathras said:

I think if one is trying to make an Xmen film closer to the original comics, the Yugoslav wars would be a better backdrop for Magneto's background, and would be closer to the original WW2 backdrop.   That is unless you want to change Magneto's ethnicity to African American.  Which could be interesting.  

BUT, I think there is DEFINITELY a Black Panther story in there with the Rwanda Genocide. That whole event was so sad.  

I think that Tank’s intent with suggesting that change would be to make Magneto African. That’s what would piss off the fanboys.

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I think that Tank’s intent with suggesting that change would be to make Magneto African. That’s what would piss off the fanboys.

I assume that is what he means, too.  I think it would be an interesting take, really.  And yeah, there would be people who would be pissed. 

The more I think about it, Marvel SHOULD take the Rwanda genocide and do a story involving it.  Be it with Xmen, Black Panther, or some other property (those 2 make the most sense and feel the most organic to me, but any would be good).  It was less than 30 years ago, and I am not sure if it is taught in high schools, but there seems a lack of education on it.  Everyone knows about the Nazis, not too many people really know about Rwanda, or the Yugoslav wars ethnic cleansing for that matter.   

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Now that Wandavision is done, and there was no reverse House of M, I have been thinking about this topic again. There's also a snippet of an interview with Fiege floating around with him talking about bringing mutants into the MCU in his usual coded and secretive sort of way... but the implication is that they may not just launch directly into the X-Men mythos directly. 

While the Evan Peters Pietro turned out not to be multiverse chicanery, we do still know that Wanda is joining Dr. Strange in his next movie which is about the multi-verse. We also know that Deadpool 3 still coming and will not be a reboot. Deadpool 2 ended with him with Cable's time-device, and although it was played for laughs, it could be the way Wade makes his way to the MCU.

But back to Fiege's comments... Aside from Wolverine, Fox recast most of the characters with First Class being a soft reboot then catching up to the 90s. Days of Future Past gave us both sets of characters. We're probably looking at recasting... but from a story perspective  a lot of the biggest X-Men stories that require no large scale set-up have already been done.

First, throw out the many alt-universe X-Men stories that would require a baseline universe to then alter-- so House of M, Age of X, and Age if Apocalypse, the most well-know of them would have to go.

Next, toss out the storylines that require the X-Men to have been well-established to work-- Mutant Massacre, Fall of the Mutants, E for Extinction, any of the X-Factor vs Apocalypse stuff...

Then you have the stories the fox movies greatly pilfered from-- God Loves Man Kills, stories with the The Hellfire Club, a lot of the "year one" stuff.

Then you have the two most famous classic X-Men stories Days of Future Past and the Dark Phoenix saga already being adapted. In the case of the latter, they did it TWICE, and they are both considered the worst performing of the films. Pretty much everyone's origin story was touched on in some way.

Point being-- what can they do that's a fresh take? How do they introduce the X-Men as a concept and a sense of history, when the most well-known stories have already been done?

Most MCU films are never straight adaptions and tend to pick and chose from the mythos, so I have no doubt they could do it. But it's not like Spider-Man where all they did was skip his original story since we'd seen it twice on film in 15 years already. Notice that they haven't used the villains the Raimi or Webb films used. If they follow that logic with the X-Men what do they have to work with? Do they just jump in with the X-Men in the Outback era fighting the Brood? I mean, I love it, but that's not exactly a baseline story to serve as introducing them.

To be honest, I think it's more likely they are going to start to introduce X-Men as individuals in phase 4 (maybe) and phase 5 (likely). Maybe Kitty Pryde is Peter's girlfriend. Maybe Logan is an agent of SHIELD. Maybe Charles is a secret advisor on psychic phenomena to Nick Fury. Maybe Rogue is introduced in Captain Marvel 3 as some punk chick that steals Carol's power. 

After you get a handful of them introduced, then you can bring them together (kind of how they did with the Avengers.) To that-- maybe they start with standalone movies. Deadpool first. Then who? Not Logan, they need distance from Jackman. Maybe Magneto? Problem is, outside of Deadpool and Wolverine, none of the X-Men are huge stand-out solo characters to hang a movie on.

Then again, you could say that back before the MCU was a thing that you couldn't hang a movie on Thor or Iron Man. So who knows.

But yeah... my tl;dr version-- they are going to introduce mutants one at a time as solo movies/Disney+ shows or as supporting cast in established character moviers, and onve a handful of them have been seen, we'll get a team-up X-Men film. I'd be shocked if it happens before 2030.


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I would like to see Jackman in the MCU, even at his age, for a movie at least, and I’d love if that was Deadpool 3. Actually, I think it would be best if it was Deadpool 3. I’m not going to hold my breath or be cheesed it doesn’t happen tho.

If we have to see a non-Jackman Wolverine sooner rather than later then I think the MCU has the cred to cast whoever they want and I’ll be okay let’s see. That said, I kinda want to see Luke Evans as Wolverine, I was racking my brain for possible knowns and he’s my choice (because meh to Tom Hardy being in everything).

Mixing Spider-Man and the X-Men is a yes please idea. I want Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends like yesterday, not like literally an adaptation of that tho. The MCU Spidey version of what that could be, which at least in my head is pretty neat. lol

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