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Godzilla VS Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My youngest boys (10 & 8) love these films. My eight year old however might be paying way too much attention to the conspiracy theory aspects within the movies. We’re watching this movie right now and after seeing Godzilla sink that flotilla he pondered, “Maybe Godzilla sunk the Titanic too. Since he doesn’t like other Titans.” I replied, “Bub, the Titanic was sunk by an iceberg.” He asserted, “That’s the official story for sure, Dad.”


My eight year old, “I really liked this. Yeah, this movie was sick.”

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Mecha Godzilla or nothing. 

I'm watching the original  

Man it’s been a while since I’ve seen a Kids in the Hall reference

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I liked it a lot. Maybe 8/10. The human drama, dumb as usual, though.  They really struggled to give Millie Bobby Brown something meaningful to do. Thought the CGI was GREAT, especially on Kong.  I am a Godzilla fan, but I was really rooting for Kong in this one.  Godzilla is a villain, sort of, until the true villain is revealed.  There is a DEFINITIVE 2 out of 3 winner, but the winner then gets their ass handed to them by a third monster, and the loser then saves the winner's ass, thereby making it a draw at 2 and 2, at least in my mind.

My Monsterverse ranking:

1. Godzilla KOTM

2.0. Godzilla VS Kong

2.1. Kong Skull Island

3. Godzilla 2014

KOTM is still the best, hands down.  GVK and KSI are really really close.  Human drama-wise, KSI wins (I mean, Samuel L Jackson alone is enough!), but the fight scenes of GVK dominate KSI.  

Scale problems?  Not really.  This is NOT Kong from Kong 1933/1976/2005.  He is supposed to be big. This is TOHO Kong reimagined.  Hong Kong Scaling may be off, though, but I have never been there, and don't have a frame of reference.  All I know is most buildings are huge there.  The aircraft carrier scene is about right, since the Nimitz class is about 1200 feet.  Whether or not it could hold Kong and Godzilla without sinking, now that's another matter, but if you are worrying about that, a movie like this isn't for you, anyway. The Ewie girl and Kong are cute.  If it doesn't get to you, you have no soul. Light in the Hollow Earth?  They explain it, but it is faux science.



1. They forget the events of KOTM in that what drives monsters crazy.

2. They show TOO MUCH in the previews.  YOu literally can figure out the movie almost by just watching the previews closely. 

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I remember Wrestlemania 6...Hogan vs. Warrior.  I was devastated, my guy lost.  I was devastated, but that's part of the game.  You know what would have pissed me off, is if during a back and forth match with multiple near falls, DiBiasi comes out of the locker room and said he engineered the whole thing to see two faces beat each other up only for hogan and warrior end up beating up dibiasi and the match ends in a DQ and then Warrior and Hogan cit to posing. 

The only exception is if it were savage and he said he engineered the whole thing and hogan is all, "lets make it a triple threat" and warrior is all "snarls" and then savage is all "oh yeah" and then savage beats both hogan and warrior via a double elbow drop and pins both those bums and he walks away with both the belts and then he is all "im the ceam of the crop...can you dig it".  But that is another story. 

Anywho, screw this movie and other versus type movies where surprise, they actually team up and fight some other dude.  Sure, they did the whole "his heart beat is slowing" as if godzilla won, but that is weak as hell.  I wanted Kong to use that ax to chop off godzillas head and have it roll all over the city and such (even after they beat mech-godzilla).  That would have been bad ass. 

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I was definitely rooting for Kong, but I wouldn't want either killed.  I could go for Kong chopping off part of Godzilla's tail....and it then growing back, because, well, he is a reptile after all. 

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