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NFL Pick'em 2020: And the winner is.....


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Week 17 results

Ms. Spam  14-2
Krawlie 13-3
Jacen123  13-3
Gamevet 12-4
Metropolis 10-6

Overall Results

Gamevet    170-85
Ms. Spam   169-84
Krawlie  166-89
Metropolis  163-92
Jacen123  163-92


I was so rooting for you to win Ms. Spam, and you did, up until I added in the missing week. It was a well fought season by everyone, and Jason123 made a good push in the final weeks.  I guess I'll take the back to back Nighty Pick'em title. Where's my trophy? :p


*Edit* It turns out that I missed adding in week 14's results. They were posted at the top and never added in. If you look at the bottom of week 15, I posted the results there and week 14 never got added in. Also, our total is 255 games, because the Steelers game got pushed to Wednesday of that week because of CV19 and it was crossed off of our pick list, so I'll keep it as a no pick.


*I don't know if I made a mistake somewhere along the way. The total comes out to 239 games, which doesn't seem to make sense. I know we had a tie, but that would still be an even number. Does 239 sound right?

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