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Anyone watch this yet? Definitely really good with some great ideas. The animation is beautiful and makes NYC really look amazing. I can't put it on the upper tier of Pixar movies though simply because it doesn;t feel like a kids movie that is so so good and works on multiple levels so adults love it too. It feels like its' made for adults. Pixar has gone through a bit of being too sequel happy and in alot of respects moved out of it's golden age a bit ago. Coco and Inside Out both though are as good as any Pixar movie and obviously are not sequels. I really hoped that Soul would continue that and although it's definitely an improvement over some of the recent sequels and some of the post golden age originals like The Good Dinosaur or Brave it can't quite measure up to the incredibly high standards Pixar has set for itself. Still very good though. 

And just because I simply cannot help myself:

1-Toy Story 3

2-Inside Out


4-Toy Story 2

5-The Incredibles

6-Toy Story




10-Monsters Inc

11-Finding Nemo


13-Toy Story 4

14-Incredibles 2


16-A Bugs Life

17-Finding Dory


19-Monsters University


21-The Good Dinosaur

22-Cars 3

23-Cars 2



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We watched it with the family. My 12 year-old liked it, but none of the other kids (ages almost 5, almost 5, almost 3, and 15 months) stuck around. The adults all loved the music and animation as well. The story was thought-provoking. 

I don't think I've ever identified with a character more than I do with 22. Just...how did they get my soul on the teevee?

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Can't really deliver a verdict on this one because I peaced out pretty early on. I gather that eventually Soul from Soul (2020) became a cat!!!!???? This is the first one of the Pixars that I didn't finish (excepting the ones I've never bothered to watch; haven't seen any of the series where they're all cars - sorry, I've forgotten the title of those movies about cars starring the cars) and it's kind of rare in general for me to drop a movie mid-movie.

Here's what happened in the movie up until I stopped watching :

A human man from contemporary times dies and discovers there is no God. Our universe is an automaton, maintained by friendly but efficient identical archangels. The natural machinations of the afterlife are capable of error. He introduces the prelapsarian souls of the unborn to the concept of damnation (oh, the nature of our very selves are fixed not by the circumstances of our material existence but partially by the tutelage of the recently deceased!?) and steals the identity of a recently dead acclaimed humanitarian so he can return himself to life. He plans to do so by taking the essence from a recalcitrant soul, one who is older than human history itself, and who has refused to be a consenting party to these celestial processes since her own inception. This is a movie for children.

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