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Question About the Human Short-term Memory

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On 12/9/2020 at 1:35 PM, Cerina said:

Can we also talk about how people can't seem to spell my name correctly when it's AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE or IN THE EMAIL or even IN THE EMAIL ADDRESS?!?!

My name is Lois, four letters, phonetically spelled, but I still get called Louise, Louis, or even Lisa. This is not difficult to figure out. Has no one ever heard of Lois Lane? Every time I have to give someone my name, I always spell it....first AND last, because my last name, Kobb, is an uncommon spelling. I know that, otherwise, they'll misspell it on whatever form they are filling out. And they STILL get it wrong sometimes! 

Me: Carefully spells out my last name.

Guy on the phone, trying to locate my information: "I can't seem to find you in our system. Are you sure you've been here before?"

Me: "It's Kobb with a K, not a C."

Guy on the phone: "Ah, here it is!"

 I hate talking on the phone as it is, so it's really annoying to have to correct people EVERY FUCKING TIME when I have to speak to someone over the phone. They just don't LISTEN, and that pisses me off. If he had paid attention when I spelled it the first time, we could have been finished quicker.


As for the two-word memory thing, could it be just because people like to shorten long names automatically, and the shorter version sticks in their memory better?

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