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Dead Pool 2021

Darth Kid

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Happy December, everyone!

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Seeing as how the end of this god-awful year is finally upon us, lets start putting it in the rear view mirror with a new dead pool.

Nightly's 2021 Dead Pool Rules

  1. Each player will select a team of 10 celebrities that the player suspects will die in 2021.
  2. Teams are submitted when a player posts their team roster (with celebrity names and their year of birth) in this thread
    (and no takesy-backsies unless you add someone that is already dead or dies before 2021 starts).
  3. Celebrities are defined as anyone famous enough to have their death reported by two qualifying news organizations.
  4. News organizations are qualifying when they are nationally syndicated/published, non-tabloid, and non-satirical
    (i.e. AP, Reuters, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, etc).
  5. Team rosters cannot include anyone scheduled to be put to death prior to submission deadline (i.e death row inmates).
  6. Submissions are still welcome after the start of the year. Deadline for team submissions is after the first reported death on any player's team.
  7. There will be no discussion of, or reference to, Rule 7 in any way whatsoever.
  8. Points are awarded to players starting in 2021, once one of their team's members is confirmed dead by at least two qualifying news organizations.
  9. Points are calculated by subtracting 1900 from the year of birth of the deceased team member.
  10. Deaths count toward a player's points total until the end of the year; the player (or players) that accrues the most points wins.

(Note: Made some edits for clarity on 2 Dec 2020.)

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1. Queen Elizabeth -- 1926

2. George R. R. Martin -- 1948

3. Donald Trump -- 1946

4. Justin Bieber  -- 1994

5. Maggie Smith  -- 1934

6. Olivia Newton John -- 1948

7. Tommy Chong -- 1938

8. Michael J. Fox -- 1961

9. Jimmy Carter -- 1924

10. Stephen King -- 1947




Edit: I had Frankie Muniz (from Malcolm in the Middle) but deleted him and added Jimmy Carter.








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5 hours ago, Zathras said:

Yeah but is that really fair to claim him, anyway?  He announced he is terminal.

Terminal can still mean years. But, yeah, easy points are still fair. 

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1. Kirk Cameron (1970)

2. Bob Dole (1923)

3. Betty White (1922)

4. Robert Downey Jr (1965)

5. Prince Philip (1921)

6. OJ Simpson (1947)

7. Rush Limbaugh (1951)

8. Kim Jong-Un (1983)

9. Kanye West (1977)

10. Ben Affleck (1972)

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22 hours ago, Chalcedony said:

Anyone added Britney Spears (b. 1981)? I know she's young, but that doesn't mean anything in the world of entertainment.  I'm not even a fan of hers, but the more I learn about her, the more I feel bad for her. Antidepressant overdose or "accident" would be my guess.

I did.

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