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Nightly Zoom Christmas Party 12/18 and or 19?


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This completely slipped my mind. I've been on the phone most of the evening trying to make alternate Christmas plans. 

We'd planned to go to my sister's new lodge for Christmas with my mom, siblings, nieces/nephew, and my grandparents. We've all been trying to quarantine as much as possible to reduce the risk to my grandparents, which isn't all that hard because most of us work from home and are practically hermits without a pandemic. But today my dad and stepmother wanted my nieces and nephew to go to their house to bake and decorate Christmas cookies. So my sister and BIL dropped off the baby and my brother took his 2 kids over there for the day. Then this afternoon we found out that my stepmom's brother tested positive for COVID today. The last time they saw him was last Sunday, but now there's potential exposure for half of our family. So my dad, stepmom, and her mom are all being tested on Monday/Tuesday, and my brother and sister and families are quarantining until we get test results. Looks like my mom, grandparents, and the 4 of us will all still be able to continue, but now we have to go up to the lodge early to get everything prepared since we're the only other ones with keys. My sister was also supposed to buy all the groceries, but now we don't even know how many people will be there. 

OH! And all the gifts for the kids are scattered at all of our homes. We had Santa gifts shipped to my sister. She already took all my niece's gifts up to the lodge. My mom dropped off all of her gifts to my sister since Mom's car is smaller. I have all of the stocking stuffers for all 5 kids. It's a fucking mess. 

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