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10/16/20 Nightly Video Drinks - Spooky Season Edition

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two fridays from now? October 16th? I can do this and make a liquor run. That dude was STILL at the freeway ramp to my Thriftway just yesterday. Maybe he'll try and hop in my car again.  

You guys really need me to hold your hand in order to make this happen don’t you

I can probably get on whenever.  Saturdays, you probably won't see me until super late.  Nobody do a beer run without me!

1 hour ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

I totally forgot about this but fell asleep with Ethan anyway. It's been a week that feels like a month.

Yeah, same here.  I got wrapped up in doing homework after work, then had a beer or 3, and I was zonked after that by 8:30PM.  I totally spaced the zoom meeting, but fully intended to be there last night.  Sorry!

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