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Saw it last weekend. Pretty good flick. Super Nolany. The music, as with many of his films, is super loud. He really amped it up in the mix this time around.

It's hard to follow because it's happening so fast with very little explanation or exposition. But all in all, good stuff. Not his best but still pretty good.

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Excited to head on down to the ol' movie theatre and catch a double feature of Tenet (2020) and New Mutants (2018, 2019, 2020). Just gotta make a quick stop first at the Broad Street pump to fill up on well water. Will make sure to lick the handle a few times before I leave, just to be safe!

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I was about to post a GIF of Linda Carter shaking her head 'No.' but I thought better of it at the last second. I don't want to go down that road! Can't just be dropping easy GIFs every which way! And, besides, who am I --- Mr. In-Charge-Of-How-People-Act-In-A-Pandemic? Have fun! Stay safe!

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Saw this today - first cinema trip since lockdown!

And what a film! Right up my street - absolutely loved it! During the film there were stages of not know what the heck was going on, but it all comes together really well and made sense for sure.

I am a big fan of time travel storylines, and this was done really well. Great cast too.

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Saw it.

I liked it, surprisingly enough! I tend to run hot and cold on Nolan, don't think much of him one day and am willing to give him a chance the next, can't really decide if in his bones he's any good or not. But this was one of his good ones! It's not better than The Prestige or The Dark Knight but in the sorting piles of Nolanalia it definitely belongs next to them along w/some of his TV work instead of among his two mediocre Batmans and Inception and Interstellar.


The movie is a kind of Ballardian nightmare on a few different levels. It understands the essential appeal of the childhood pastime of pressing the rewind button on the VCR to make the makebelieve people run backwards, that's what it's really got going for it. Does it make sense? Is it about anything at all? Is it even understandable in any conventional fashion what with the heavily accented dialogue being drowned out by the oppressive sound mixing? I don't think those three questions have definitive answers but I enjoyed watching the movie sort of scrape and gesture its way towards some kind of meaning.


Best bits :


* underplaying the presence of the significant fingerlocking gesture when Priya does it while holding her drink

* Himesh Patel getting a chance to have the Thomas Lennon / Colette Wolfe role

* Kenneth Branagh reprising his YouTube stunt fake Russian accent from that one Jack Ryan movie where he basically played the exact same guy

* dope soundtrack

* extremely strong central performance from Denzel Washington's son. The first time I've seen him in anything where he's really good. Should've had him do more pull-ups, though!

* Clémence Poésy's one scene as Professor Basil Exposition

* lol the pandemic means this movie probably made Nolan the least amount of money in decades

* there was one twist that I didn't quite catch from the very moment it was hinted at; one small element of surprise in a movie that clearly thought it was blowing the mind of its audience over and over again but this time it actually worked, had the desired effect


Worst bits :


* what

* how?

* that's not the way things

* wait, what are we after right now!?

* but where did they?

* if that's what happened then why

* but then they can't even if they did


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Rewatched this last night after getting the blu-ray.    Very strong film on a second viewing still.    Totally get this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but damn it is mine!!   

The "making of" was great stuff also - the amount of work they all went into to make it all make sense as well as the creative choreography (learning to fight backwards etc), is immense.  The quotes of Kenneth Branagh saying you haven't had it tough in a role until you have learnt to speak Russian - backwards!  

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Watched it last night while killing the time between my norco dose and my robaxin dose…

I feel like if the MC had made better choices, mostly letting the blonde die, the movie would have been maybe 45 minutes long. It drives me nuts when movies do that.

It was nice to see Robert Pattinson in a role where he gets to smile.

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