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Zathras's model building projects

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16 minutes ago, Jedigoat said:

Which ones are which??

Far Left:  ISS Enterprise, Mirror Universe

Left Front: Enterprise NX-01 from Star Trek Enterprise

Left Back: Production TOS Enterprise

Far Right:  The Cage TOS Enterprise: difference from production being larger Bridge, end caps of nacelles (in back, can't be seen in photo), and larger dish (also can't be seen from that angle).  Technically, the forward section of nacelles (orange) should have the spikes, but I replaced them because they kept breaking off.  Same with the Mirror universe Enterprise)

Right Front: Kelvinverse Enterprise

Right  Back: Enterprise-A, Star Trek 4-6 (same model as Enterprise Refit Star Treks 1-3)


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Here are a couple Ambassador class ships 1:2500 scale.  The one that is more blue is the Enterprise-C, the gray version is the Yamato (non canon, I made it up...mostly because I was low on ship name decals).






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Here are a couple Excelsior Class ships and the Enterprise E, all unfinished.  I finished assembling and painting these several years ago I have to put decals on, but just have never done it.   I like the designs of these ships, just not these particular 1:2500 scale versions.






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I placed the 1:2500 Enterprise-A for scale purposes.  A lot of people don't realize how much bigger the later classes are than the Constitution class. 


Of course, the Kelvin verse and Discovery have effed up all the scaling.  The JJ Prise is supposedly roughly the size of the Enterprise-D, and apparently so is the Enterprise from Discovery. 

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