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I've been amusing myself in the Archives...

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I'm going to post something I didn't bother to post one of the umpteenth other times this has come up for discussion. I think it's relevant to what you're saying, Spider-Man!




I feel like I may (no, definitely, do) have more than most to be embarrassed[1] about in terms of Old Stuff On Nightly Dot Net but I never and nonetheless feel that the Archives shouldn't be deleted.


Interrogating this feeling, on my own behalf, doesn't result in reasoned argument in my head why you're wrong and I'm right.


I just get a bone-deep sensation arising from within the innermost depths of my being of something or other to the extent that archives, of any sort, shouldn't be destroyed.


I can't really defend this feeling w/o grabbing for a dictionary, and I know from decades of online experience (and the occasional sitcom episode) that anyone who tries to start an argument or speech with 'Webster's Dictionary defines' has already lost.


I feel like we're all ghosts, this is our graveyard, we've all chosen to haunt this place, and now some of us want to disinter our own corpses and cremate 'em because they're afraid SPOOKY OTHER PEOPLE are going to come along and, I don't know, stage a disrespectful marionette show w/our corpses. Leave our bodies in the ground! Just put up a nice li'l gate or something! We don't have to be afraid of the SPOOKY OTHER PEOPLE (or each other) so much so that we commit sacrilege, that we deny ourselves, that we pretend we can unhappen the things which have happened!


[1] Although, certainly, less to lose if any of that stuff should come to light.

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