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I just saw Dark Victory/Bette Davis for the first time ever and holy COW! First-she's very young (it's 1939) and she plays a very sympathetic character!


This is the film from which all other "unfulfilled girl who just completed huge life lesson dies" films came-it's the blueprint. Also, being this old, it comes with some very antiquated notions of medical ethics and relationships.


What are some movies you had heard about forever or were classics but you were very, very late in seeing an appreciating them?


Which are still on your list?

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I was watching Paris Nous Appartient (1961) pre-plague and was struck by the power and impact of the imagery of some art film the characters were screening at an apartment party. It was from Metropolis (1927)! I'd never seen it, still haven't, it was always just one of those super influential classics that I'd just figured had been sufficiently digested over time by the rest of the surrounding culture that there was no point in me going back to it now.


I should, though, because ... I mean. Look at this :














Generally speaking, haven't seen too many movies during covid, in the now times, mostly I just munch salted cashews while screaming at Mr. Hurley from Bodies ('04-'06) that he has once again allowed his own incompetence to negatively affect the patients who are in his charge.


Oh, I still haven't seen Jaws (1975) all the way through.

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