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Things You Own A ****load Of


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Scotch and bourbon





Pens and journals



Star Wars toys

G.I. Joe toys

He-Man toys


DC Super Powers figures


Baseball cards and movie trading cards

Baseballs, bats, gloves



Don't mind me, just using this space to take inventory!

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Hats - 114

T-Shirts - 160

Scotch and bourbon - 205

Cologne - 81

Shoes - 32

Bobbleheads - 36

Books - 221

Pens and journals - 100 and 26

CDs - 217

DVDs/Blu-rays - 168

Star Wars toys - 116 (original line figures)

G.I. Joe toys - 122 figures

He-Man toys - 28 figures

Transformers - 23

DC Super Powers figures - 22

Comics - just over 2,000

Baseball cards and movie trading cards - roughly 20,000

Baseballs, bats, gloves - 201 baseballs, 11 bats, 6 gloves

Children - 3

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Books. Specifically ebooks. And music.


Between physical books and ebooks, well over 1000.

Between physical CDs and digital, definitely over 2000, and thats after weeding out a bunch of CDs a few years ago.


Movies - again, digital and physical- 1500 - 2000. Hard to say exactly because some are duplicates between digital and hard copy.

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I count my 1983-1994 Gi Joes by the 22"x16"x6" plastic bin (3 bins).


Books, 2 book cases worth.


I also collect real, Hopi-made wall hanger Kachina dolls, and have 26 so far.


DVDs/Blu rays/CDs, I don't even know how many, but enough to fill up half of a large book case.


Star Trek models. I've built several dozen, and they fill up several book shelves in a book case.


Two book shelves of 1:18 Ertl American Muscle die cast muscle cars.


Six electric guitars, that I don't play anymore because I am a slacker.

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Really...nothing...I am a pretty big purger.


But with that said, I have quite a few keepsakes I have dragged around. A handful of books that had a huge influence on me, a few of my old soccer jersey including the t-shirt I was wearing when I found out I was all state (note my not-so-subtle brag from an accomplishment almost 25 years old), a lot of old elementary assignments, old ski passes, a chess board my grandfather made for me (I don't play chess), stuff like that. I already have a few things from my boys I am particularly attached to.


Oh oh oh...I just thought of one...I have a lot of books on education and children's books...my mom kept all my Little Golden Books from when I was a kid.

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T-shirts. I just realized I have a ****ton of t-shirts. College + active alumni participation + activism + music festivals really builds a collection you're too sentimental to get rid of. And they're all far too big on me.


I should probably consolidate my list as I think of it, like in the old reading challenge days :lol:

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