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Job hunting in the time of Covid

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It turned out she wanted an outsider because she is also a bit of an outsider and wants to force a bit of a cultural change. I had what I call my career rumspringa about 5 years ago where I picked a very different path and stuck it out for 2 years before coming back. I ended up hating it but I learned a lot of new skills and also that our organization was kind of dysfunctional. (Granted, most of them have a certain level of dysfunction just because they are run by humans, but ours had a couple of toxic people in key positions. I finally decided that I would only have to put up with them for a few more years and came back to work that I enjoy. Turned out to be a good gamble because the last of them is retiring by the end of this year. My current manager is also pretty toxic but he's career limited. He won't grow any higher because he has a limited mindset.) In any event, I was the ideal candidate for her because I actually have outside experience, and I told her I completely welcomed the opportunity to change the culture because I see some of the same problems. So I think she was able to argue my past experience. All the managers know I'm a good lead and have been disappointed that I had refused to go back to that role when asked before. This is the only lead role I was willing to take, and I had a lot of friends on the team asking me to apply.

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Oh crap I actually got the job.

I just accepted the job offer. I start the 28th. It's a $2 dip in pay, but that's actually okay - I'm still in the process of getting disability, and there's a cap on what you can earn to qualify

I hope it goes well, Ender! I have an interview tomorrow morning for a job maintaining and updating contracts for a property management company. Basically stuff that an attorney would do, but who

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