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Music Docs

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    Advad Disagerer

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I just got hulu and dumped cable. I'm ODing on great documentaries lately and just saw "The Quiet One"-a film about Bassist Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones. He never drank, he never did drugs and considered the Stones like a regular job in which he goes to work (tours) then goes home and does things he wants. He has been documenting his entire life! Being wealthy afforded him the latest video and audio equipment and this film is centered on him in his office-a massive room with rows of shelves on which he has stored it all.


You don't get to see him at present until about the last 15 minutes of the movie and that lends a sort of fiction/drama feel to it. Pretty short-just over 90 minutes-reccommnded. Most of the visuals have never been seen by the public before





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