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Next Nightly Video Drinks: 9/6/2020

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I am a loser with no friends so I am pretty much down for whenever.


It seems most people here are either west coast or are night owls. Personally, it is tough for me to get on before 9 mountain (8 pacific, 10 central, 11 eastern, 4 London). Should we start a bit later in the evening? I know with such a big window the room may not be as full...as in Krawlie sitting by himself and if like Spike or whomever comes on by himself it makes things super awkward.


I can go on the liquor run next time we meet!

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I'm excited for Krawlie to try to talk monkeygirl through using it.

I could tell it was going well when I joined to see Tom had no video and Jacob was reading a book

I just remembered I have a Colt 45 t-shirt.  If this ever happens again, I have my outfit figured out. 

What time works for everyone?


Completely separate, but I would like to have like a WWE ppv watch party. I will provide my log on information for whomever doesn't have WWE TV.

Unfortunate thing with this is I'm pretty sure the WWE Network doesn't allow multiple streams from the same log in at the same time. I could be wrong but I'm not a subscriber anymore anyway, I bootleg everything.

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I could do next week.



I might not be able to make it next weekend. I'm taking a class, and weekends are iffy right now, until I get settled and see what to expect.



Someone just make a decision. You dont have to have a consensus, just someone to decide it and 123 NOT IT



Next weekend? Same bat time?

Maybe we need irl friends.



I can't do this week. I'm probably available Friday evenings.

I may be able to do this coming Friday but I'll probably be at work late

So what about Saturday, September 5th?

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