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Civil War 2 : Electric Boogaloo

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Destiny Skywalker

Destiny Skywalker

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That's the worst part. I wasnt added but it was suggested and you CAN'T TURN IT OFF until Facebook finds something new that I thinks you might like. I wasn't going to report the group, they technically aren't doing anything wrong other than being obnoxious. I probably clicked on it too many times trying to figure out how to hide it.




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That. Is. Terrible.

The Kurgan

The Kurgan

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Honestly, now I just assume most Libertarians are at least closet Boogalooers. One of my close friends is a raging Libertarian, so Facebook algorithms decided I wanted to follow a Jo Jorgensen meme group, and I've been treated to lots of dumb commentary any time I click on my group feed.

Theoretically, libertarianism and far-right extremism are quite different. Fascism and libertarianism couldn't be more opposite in their views on the state, for instance. 


But there has, as been noted, a libertarian to alt-right "pipeline" and what drives this is that both movements appeal to similar demographics of people, typically white males who find no home on either the left or the mainstream right. Plus, there's a similar sort of mindset. A kind of hard-heartedness and a strong belief in social darwinism. Power and success are seen as indicators of intelligence and virtue, thus the strong should rule. Thus a kind of exaggerated masculinity pervades these causes, despite the occasional use of female and/or ethnic minority figureheads as representatives. 


Their existence, I think, points to a deep failure of the left. A failure to be a universal socialist movement rather than one dedicated to identity politics and centered around the cultural sensibilities of the elite. So libertarians end up being the social justice warriors of the right, and they appeal to that group most despised and expelled from the mainstream leftist variants: straight white males. 

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