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Icy Watches Horror To Manage Her Anxiety

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On 1/23/2021 at 12:46 AM, Tank said:

I’ll come.

Have you seen Autopsy of Jane Doe?

Yes, loved it, one of my favorites.

Winter Halloween is a “ehhhh, maybe?” at this point. We’re supposed to get about a foot of snow this weekend on top of the 6” or so on the ground. My bonfire pit may be essentially inaccessible :(

And if it happens, now I’m thinking about watching Hell Fest on Netflix to shower Seth in nickels.

Okay - Eli. Whew. I don’t think they could fit and more twists and turns in there. That did not end where I expected it to end.


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Okay, I finally watched the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Which was appropriate, because retrograde Saturn moved into Capricorn today.   I can see why you wanted your homage to be an art house hor

Season of the Witch is one of my favs. You want good late 70s/early 80s style, try Ghost Story and Don't Look Back.

The Changeling is another good one.  Not too scary by today's standards but a good double feature with Ghost Story.

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Awww. It seems pretty popular, maybe there will be a sequel you can rewrite.

Death of Me. Okay, it started as a really original story, but then it turned into a bad Wickerman hack, complete with shout-out. But it was still unique enough that I enjoyed it.

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Creep and Creep 2. Creep was so different that I wiki-ed it to see if it was worth finishing, and then wiki-ed Creep 2 to see if it was worth watching.

Creep is WEIRD. Just weird. I liked it a lot better in hindsight.

Creep 2 is really good, though. The acting is phenomenal. And it's surprisingly romantic.

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