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Cases of genuine serendipity

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    Not The One

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So, I just got home from the drive thru at McDs.  Some lady in the car ahead of me, a total and complete stranger, paid for my lunch.  That was so nice!  Never had that happen before.  She left before I could thank her, but I guess I will just have to pay it forward somehow.


Anyone want to share a a serendipitous thing that happened to you? 



    83% Muppet

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A few months ago I got a big refund from a hospital that treated me. Apparently the insurance underpaid and when they corrected, I got $600 back.
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    THT v.2

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I was thinking of how I could show my support for the movement against police brutality and then I saw myself at a protest. The me there was much trimmer than me right here, but there I was.




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Into The Spider-Protest
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