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Snyder cut is happening

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As someone who has no affinity for DC or Marvel, such as I never read comics, was never really big into the marvel and Dc cartoons as a kid such as Batman, Spider-Man, x-men, when it comes to the movie universe, I LOVE Marvel and what they’ve done overall with the exception of a few stinkers. With DC, the only Dc movie I’ve been able to enjoy besides the Nolan Batmans is Aquaman. Everything else is trash. Boring. SFX always look like shit. Even Aquaman had some questionable special effects.

I remember watching justice league in theaters with the kiddo and it was not memorable. Keilan, who LOVES superhero movies wanted to leave. I was excited and optimistic about watching this Snyder cut. Keilan bailed after about an hour and a half and I still need to finish the last hour of it, but likely won’t. It’s a chore to watch, I have to keep myself from being distracted because the movie holds little interest.

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Relax yourselves, I was being intentionally dramatic because Im sick of Star Wars.

It's alright, Seth. I still think you Rose to the occasion.

As long as this cut gives us more sexy shots of Gal Gadot, I'll be happy.

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