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They should have left her out of the movie, maybe mentioned that she was somewhere else doing other stuff, or just had her die off screen. Awkwardly shoving random, pre-existing footage that ended up on the cutting room floor in the previous films, was just plain stupid. Anyone can tell it was all cobbled together like bits of leather to make a patchwork creation where nothing really goes together. When you make a film that has to be edited literally until the last minute, it ends up looking like Frankenstein's hand-me-downs.

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No disrespect to her, but I don't really get this whole thing that she, or really any of the originals, HAD to be anything in these movies. Put 'em in there, fine for fan service and tying continuitie

I think the way they wrote around existing footage of her was super smart and clever... that said, it never quite clicked. As near-perfect as the effects were, you could tell she just wasn't reacting

I've always said they should have opened ROS with her funeral, and for the main characters to use it/her as inspiration, almost like a WWLD meme in the movie, and what ROS did with Luke and Leia at th

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