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Are you less interested in Star Wars now?

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I've always been of the mindset that the Skywalker Saga was Star Wars.  The rest was more like supplemental stories that fleshed out the Star Wars universe.  A lot of it I enjoyed for sure, but with TROS ending the Skywalker saga on such a low note (or wet fart), it really made me question why I waited since 1983 to see the continuation of the Post-ROTJ Skywalker Saga.   I feel like such a fool for being that invested into a franchise. As time passes, I find that TROS is the worst Star Wars movie made, even worse than TLJ (for me).  You can't end a 43 year old story by glossing over details raised in the previous 2 films, retconning literally everything, or just raising new questions in the final film that never get an answer by the film's end (EG how did Palpatine survive, If the Sith were all but extinct, where did a planet full of them come from, etc).  TROS was literally  so sloppy, it made me think to myself that if that is how Star Wars is to be handled from now on, I can do without.  Now Mando is interesting, but it doesn't have a reason to exist, and just isn't enough to keep me engaged. I am sure I'll be seeing season 2 at some point, but pretty low on my priority list.


So to pull me back it, it will take an entire shake up of creatives and leadership at LFL for me to be interested.

I mean I see what you are saying but in the end they are movies. A story can be a great with a crappy ending, its not ALL about how it ends. The journey is more important than the destination. To feel like a fool because you didn't get a payoff you enjoyed just seems a counter productive way to look at things. You say the Mandalorian has no reason to exist. Well people are entertained by it. Thats reason enough in and of itself. 


Yeah, they are just movies.  For a long time, to me, they were more than that.   So, I should clarify.  I mean I'm not interested in new Star Wars at the moment.  As far as I am concerned, I can still enjoy Eps 1-6 just fine, along with Rogue one.  TFa, while I still like it on most levels, its hard to enjoy it  with the final 2, especially TROS.  I can watch it as a standalone, but still can't shake the idea of what follows, and it does sour it a bit for me.


As for Mando, I don't mind that it exists.  I enjoyed the episodes I watched, but  I don't have a need to see it.  But if people are entertained, then I'm fine with it.  I am not arguing for its cancellation or anything.  Just not all that interested in it right now.


If Tank is right, I may get pulled in, but it will take lot for me to get into Star Wars at the level I used to be at, prior to TROS.  Like for example, Luke showing up.  I'd dig that

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The Choc


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With TROS being the last movie it is a bit different. You can't think "oh I didnt like this part but maybe Ill like the next." There is no next. For me I compartmentalize it. Ive said before but Star Wars has to be 1 story, 9 stories, 3 stories all at the same time and was written out of order by different people across parts of 5 different decades. You can't expect it to flow perfect. So take each part on it's own. For me with disliking TROS but loving TLJ, I just highlight TLJ. When Kylo tells Rey her parents are no one, in that moment is is real. How she reacts to it is real. Its not as if I ignore TROS or have some kind of "head cannon". Its just that when she finds out in TLJ how she processes it and reacts to it is what matters, it doesnt matter that a few years later they changed it. 

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I'm less interested in J.J. Abrams films now since his last three were all creatively bankrupt.  And if I see the name Kasdan on the writer credits, I know not to give it the same credit as the name that's attached to two of the best films in the start of the 80s.  The only ones I'd trust with Star Wars are Filoni, Favreau, and Johnson; Johnson has shown potential to make great Star Wars stories, he just doesn't need to be handcuffed and handicapped by J.J.'s bad habits.  Probably the best writer/director the franchise has had that was met with the grossest neanderthalic behavior I've seen from a toxic fanbase which is probably what really turned me off more to the franchise.  The prequels were tamer and much less toxic to navigate through.

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