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Star Wars Chicks

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Filthy Jawa

Filthy Jawa

    Bring back Mandard!

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Another series announced...or "reported". I watched the first episode of Russian Doll. It seemed good. I'm not sure why I didn't continue. Maybe I just forgot.

'a different part of the Star Wars timeline than other projects'. Does that mean other projects currently in development/production (pre- and post-OT, in other words)? Or other projects that have ever existed? I would hope/expect they wouldn't launch a new timeline of Star Wars with a tv show. Not to sound dismissive of the tv medium. I love tv. But it starts with the movies. Everything builds from there. To make a series set in the Old Republic or in some future time would be a hard sell and a likely misfire, in my expert opinion.

Female-centric - sounds good. Why not? Female's as good a gender as any.

Rogue 3

Rogue 3

    Who is Number 1?

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Sounds interesting!  Loved Russian Doll - binge watched that in no time at all!    Always good to hear of new projects and have no issue if it's a female centric cast.   


Really looking forward to the Cassian series and of course Obi-Wan's.   Hope they all keep up the high standard set by The Mandalorian!



    I'm back

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I bet the anti-KK crowd will be happy with an all-female Star Wars series 

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