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What are you binge watching, and is it streaming or physical media?

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Streaming is very convenient. I can see how streaming can be a parent's best friend at times :) Most of the on-demand stuff I watch of lesser renown that I don't care it's not high def is either DVDs I backed up to my computer (which is connected to my TV) for the convenience automatically playing it (stuff I owned...I don't pirate), or streaming. My blu rays are the best of the best, all time favorites of mine that I want to watch in as best a resolution I can (or can afford, lol!).

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Ok, so, we've thought about doing that as well. What did you do with all the cases?

Liberal guilt made me pack them in a box to try to recycle them. It's time to chuck them.


We started watching Space Force last night. I love Steve Carell but I like him better in his self-aware roles. That said, John Malkovich is amazing and we enjoyed it.

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In short, motherhood with a heavy dose of race. It's set in the 90s, super rich white perfect mom Reese Witherspoon condescendingly rents out to borderline transient artist mom Kerry Washington. There's a ton of meddling in each other's lives and in their kids lives. It's only eight episodes and it grew with each one. The first one or two I could've taken or left it, but we kept going and man, it got good. The final episode is great.


I don't normally like recommending things since I know everyone's tastes vary and sometimes the only reason you don't want to watch something is because, well, you just don't want to. I prefer to just give my opinion on the thing and let the people go with it as they want. As I said, though, this is only eight episodes and sometimes it's really hard to find **** to watch even with all the options we have, so give it a shot if you got nothing else.

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So I've decided to take a crack at rewatching things I couldn't finish before. I started with Glee...and I'm glad that's over. Now I'm on to The Vampire Diaries (and I'll probably switch to The Originals afterward and MAYBE check out the new one). I'm in season 5 and omg...this season drags.

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So, I have legit insomnia. Most nights, I get 4-5 hours sleep, but sometimes less. One night I was up earlier this week, I took inventory of my movie disc collection, which I am also working my way through watching or rewatching. Some cases, I have blu rays I bought to upgrade from the DVD version, but never got around to watch on BR. So, here is what I have on disc (some being movie collections and TV series collections). I have more in the form of digital format, far more, but I will limit it to my disc collection here, because my PCs have too much to list.



Godzilla VS Mothra

Destroy All Monsters

The Terror of Mechagodzilla

Godzilla VS the Smog Monster

Godzilla VS Hedora

Godzilla 1984

Godzilla VS Biolante

King Kong 1976


The Incredible Hulk Complete series (1970s)

Stargate the movie

Stargate SG1 Complete Series

Stargate Atlantis Complete series

The Last Starfighter


The Black Hole

Rocky 1-4

Halloween II/Halloween III

Phantasm 1

Phantasm 2/Funhouse/Serpent and the Rainbow/SSSSSSSSS!

Friday the 13 Jason Goes to Hell/Jason X

Horror of Dracula

Dracula Has Risen from the Grave

Taste the Blood of Dracula

Dracula 1972 AD

The Satanic Rites of Dracula

Dracula Prince of Darkness

The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires

Frankenstein Created Woman

Revenge of Frankenstein

Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell

Cult of Chucky

Chucky Killer DVD collection (2-5)

Hellraiser 3/4

The Adventures of Robinhood (Flyyn)

The Mark of Zorro

Zorro the Gay Blade

Silence of the Lambs

Star Trek Jen-Luc Picard collection

Star Trek Fan Collective (borg/time Travel/Klingon/Q/Captain's Log/Alternate Realities)

Band of Brothers

GI Joe complete Sunbow series

GI Joe the movie

Transfomers complete series

Transformers the Movie 1986

Independence Day/Indiependence Day 2

Flash Gordon


The Fly/Return of the fly (1958)

From Hell it Came

The Return of the Vampire

Indiana Jones Movie Collection 1-5

Star Trek Voyager complete series

Star Trek Deep Space Nine complete series

Earth II

Genesis II

Strange New World

Planet Earth

Blue Thunder

Demon Seed



Highlander 1 Directors cut

The 13th Warrior

Master and Commander on the Far Side of the World

Little Big Man

Dances with Wolves

Young Guns II

Gran Torino

Star Wars 1-6

The Six Million Dollar Man complete series

The Bionic Woman Complete series

Hang Em High

Pale Rider

Gangs of New York

Who Frames Roger Rabbit

Animal House Double Secret edition


Flight of the Intruder

Saving Private Ryan



Assassin Tango

A Few Good Men


The Day After Tomorrow


Road to Perdition

Tales of the Gold Monkey

Hulk 2003

The Death of the Incredible Hulk

Best of Knight Rider collection


Star Trek 1-10

Humphrey Bogart film collection

Red Dragon

Hannibal Rising



The Dark Crystal

Mary Reilly


Blu rays

Child's Play


Hellraiser 1&2

Friday the 13 remake

Friday the 13 1-8

A Nightmare on Elm Street collection

Halloween 30th anniversary edition

Psycho 1-4 collection

Stephen King's Pet Semetary

Carrie (OG)

Salem's Lot (OG)


The Shawshank Redemption

The Green Mile

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

Once Bitten

Love at first Bite

Blade 1-3 collection

Universal Classic Monsters Collection (Drac/Frankie/Wolfman/Invisible man/Creature)

Superman Movie Anthology 1978-2006


The Warriors ultimate directors cut

Sin City/Sin City II

V for Vendetta

Watchmen Directors Cut


The Incredible Hulk (MCU)

Heavy Metal

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises

Batman 1966

Batman complete 1960s series

Batman 4 film collection 1989-1997

World War Z

The Thing 1981

The Blues Brothers Steel Book

GhostBusters/Ghostbusters II

Back to the Future 1-3 30th Anniversary



The shining

A Clockwork Orange

Red Planet


Lord of the Rings trilogy

Conan The Barbarian/Destroyer Complete Quest



Last of the Mohicans

Excalibur 1981


Alexander Revisited

Clash of the Titans/Clash of the Titans remake/Wrath of the Titans


Deathwish 1-4

The Gauntlet

Dirty Harry 1-4


The Outlaw Josie Wales

High Plains Drifter

The Man with No Name Collection

Young Guns



Full Metal Jacket

Apacalypse Now Complete Dossier


Karate Kid 1-4

Fight Club

Pulp Fiction

Big Lewbowsky

Big Trouble in Little China

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Taxi Driver

Raging Bull

Scarface Steelbook


The Godfather Trilogy

Patriot Games

Clear and Present Danger

Jaws 1-3

Jurasic Park 1-3

Jurasic world 1

Panic in the Streets

Gentlemen Prefer Blonds

The Misfits


How to Marry a Millionairre


Star Wars 1-6

Matrix trilogy

Life Force


Blade Runner 5 disc Complete Collectors edition

Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Robocop unrated directors cut

Deep Impact

Goonies/Gremlins/Gremlins 2



Terminator 1-4

Terminator Genisys

Alien Anthology 1-4

Alien Covenant


Star Trek films TMP-Beyond

Star Trek TOS complete series

Star Trek TNG complete series

Star Trek Enterprise Complete Series

Airplane/Airplane 2

The Mask of Zorro/The Legend of Zorro

Rocky 4

Logans Run/Omega Man/Soylent Green

Planet of the Apes 1-5 (OG)

Planet of the Apes 2001

Planet of the Apes, Rise/Dawn/War

Star Trek 2 TWOK Director's Cut

Godzilla 1954/Gojira

Godzilla 2014

Godzilla King of the Monsters

King Kong VS Godzilla

King Kong Escapes

King Kong 1933

King Kong 2005

Kong Skull Island

Shin Godzilla

Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla II/Godzilla VS Space Godzilla

Mothra 1963

Rebirth of Mothra 1-3

Godzilla VS Destroyah/Godzilla VS Megaguirus

Godzilla 2000

Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla/Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidora Giant Monsters all out attack

Godzilla Tokyo SOS/Godzilla Final Wars

Bond 50: Dr. No-Quantum of Solace

Rollerball (OG)

THX 1138

Westworld (OG)


Mad Max movie collection

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