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Darth Ender

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Post your FB list stuff you see... Here is one I have seen going around


10 things you hate that most people like


In no order:


1. Craft beer

2. Concerts

3. killing things for fun (hunting/fishing)/ guns

4. running

5. Marvel cinematic universe

6. anything from the deep south

7. birds

8. fancy restaurants/ paying more than $20 for an entree

9. coffee drinks that aren't coffee

10. playing games in a bar or wherever your drinking (pool, throw axes, darts, cornhole, washers, etc)


10 thing you like most people hate

in no order:

1. professional wrestling

2. Crocs (and socks)

3. Justice League movies

4. Kraft macaroni and cheese and tuna

5. living near railroad tracks

6. taking out the trash and cleaning up dog poop

7. the cold. Anything over 75 is too hot...hoodie and shorts in a blizzard

8. red lobster

9. christmas lights year round...colored preferred...

10. cheap domestic beer

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So these are the middle aged version of the email forwards from the nineties that were designed to trick you into saying you had a crush on someone?

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I always assume they are apps/memes designed to mine for data/passwords.



That just sounds like lazy tv writing hack...

"I need you to hack this cell phone...you get three guesses to get the password or the phone will self-destruct and we lose everything!"





I have a crush on ender

You hate birds too?

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Some of them are legitimately attempts at social engineering. Theyre the ones that ask things that are typical identity verification questions. Mothers name, street you grew up on, first job, etc.

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