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They're your panic attacks, you tell us.

Your cat is adorable   I'm running on vapors after staying up all night and trying to get something done (has to be done today) before this happens  

Not sorry for my Irish goodbye. I had no idea what was going on anymore. Apparently I went to bed with dinner still out and the door unlocked and the living room fan still on. I dont think I drank mor

HAHA. I missed it because I was working. I hate my life. Some lady told me on my call with her about why her card was declining that Texas is the capital of Florida....

Also super love the name of this here thing.

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I am confused by that question mark.



My cat.

tbh, THIS. The Fat did NOT disappoint.


You guys were all on about something I can't even remember when I got out of the shower. Then I fell asleep on my couch.


IT WAS GOOD. I'll do that again


Sounds like I missed good times. Feeling the FOMO

TOTES. You could have both popped in while playing but you never know how group chats are going to go until they get going.

PLEASE drop by the next one?


GUYS are we shooting for next weekend?


ALSO: I'd like to name either Lyra or Quinn as this chat's MVP. Those girls know how to work a visual medium.


And also, my cool new keyboard is doing a fade in/fade out thing. Did I accidentally change a setting? AND YES I KNOW WHERE MY ****ing CURSOR IS MATT GAWD

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