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13 hours ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

I mean, are we surprised at this point?

I think he kind of got screwed because of the available data they had to make a decision. By this point, he had not been in school for 2 months, and they had to make a placement for next year. So they used the data from his last IEP progress report and the FBA initiation. I mean, I get it, they want to use data and not feelings. But now I'm going to expect them to use data, so they better get the data.

They should have it if they have been back in person--especially in a self-contained classroom where are you do is gather data. 

12 hours ago, Cerina said:

That's exactly what our district did on Noah's test. The composite came out "average" because his index scores seriously ran the gamut from like barely functioning (10th percentile) to highly gifted (99th percentile). 

I can't even again today.  The Harris County website says:

It is important to note and remember from the definition that a child may show gifted capabilities in one specific area. This means that a child may not show high achievement in areas outside of their recognized of giftedness.

Yet eligibility is determined by...

As practiced in Harris County in accordance with SBOE Rule 1160-4-2-.38, initial eligibility may be determined in one of two ways:

  • A student must (a) score at the 99th %ile (grades K-2) or in the 96th %ile (grades 3-12) on the composite of full scale score of a standardized mental ability test, AND (b) meet one of the achievement criteria - score greater than or equal to the 90th percentile (%ile) by age or grade on -total Reading, total Math, or total Battery OR score greater than or equal to 90 on a scale of 1-100 as evaluated by a panel of 3 or more qualified evaluators.

And yet it cites NAGC as its reference and NAGC clearly states:

Use of the Full Scale IQ scoreof the WISC-V for admission to gifted programs undermines the identification of many gifted students. Because gifted children—including those who are highly gifted,culturally diverse, bilingual,or twice exceptional—often show significant score discrepancies on multi-scale cognitive tests, the Full Scale score may not be an interpretable unitary construct. Reliance on this singular score, even when statistically uninterpretable,can exclude otherwise eligible gifted children from needed services. Only when the Full Scale score is not required,and assessment is broadened to include WISC-V expanded index scores, can a more accurate picture of the child’s potential and needs emerge.Especially with twice exceptional children, the ability to document strengths and weaknesses separately is crucial for both gifted identification and acquisition of services for disabilities.

My hypothesis is the majority of teachers that want to do gifted education want a little classroom of quirky high achievers and feel that 2e students are too disruptive or whatever.  I say this as a former administrator of a district's elementary self-contained gifted gifted program. 

Both WA and TX mention specific gifted identification (math, literacy, etc) so I would ONLY look at the quantitative score on the CogAT and the math score on iReady reading assessment.  If I am looking for a math qualification, why would I use a verbal CogAT score for a math identification?  Just because a student is not gifted in literacy does not deny sje is gifted in math.  What if it was flipped for special education.  "You don't qualify for reading intervention because you don't also qualify for a math intervention". 

Holy shit im so pissed. 

I am happy to be where I am so I can do what I want to meet the needs of ALL of our students. 


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